The 6th Annual Brain Power 5K, 10K, Survivor Stride & Kids Run is Central Texas’ Race Against Brain Cancer and is slated for Sunday, September 11 at the H-E-B Center at Cedar Park. The race is grateful for Platinum Sponsorship support from Koko FitClub in Cedar Park as well as many other local and Central Texas supporters and sponsors. Brain Power 5K funds brain cancer research, recognizes brain tumor survivors and remembers loved ones lost to this devastating disease. The event is proud to benefit the Dr. Marnie Rose Foundation for Brain Cancer Research at MD Anderson Cancer Center as well as local efforts in our Central Texas brain tumor community. Dr. Trish will perform a specialized brain-based assessment to determine how each area in the brain is performing and if there is a dysfunction that could be causing the learning challenge. After proper assessment, the correct course of treatment can be recommended, find out more here about the Learning Disability Treatment in Chapel Hill. Most people describe memory care solutions as a specific type of long-term care setting geared toward the unique needs of people who are living with Alzheimer’s disease or other types of dementia. Memory care communities are usually secured environments to prevent wandering and may include fenced outdoor spaces, activity programs geared toward people with dementia, increased staffing, and other supportive features. Overall health- The advantages of exercise on the human body should not be viewed in isolation; it’s totally incorrect to think only organs below the neck benefit from regular physical activity. To determine how exercise improves brain function, you should start with heart and lung exercise first and consider better memory and brain power as a bonus. Exercise is essential for a healthy body, mind and even soul. Physical activity improves cognitive functions such as concentration and motivation, decreases stress and anxiety as well as eliminates cognitive decline during old age. Motor and visual functions are also boosted. Brain size- Believe it or not, your brain can actually grow bigger and you smarter with just a little more movement per day. The brain’s frontal cortex size, governing executive functions is greatly increased by regular exercise most probably due to the increase in blood flow, brain metabolism and oxygen required for cell growth. Chemicals- Neuro-chemical levels are significantly increased by exercise, in turn stimulating neuron nerves also known synapses as well as other brain chemicals effecting our moods in the form of neurotransmitters. Balance body and mind- Body and mind activities such as yoga and tai-chi are super beneficial for brain and body development, striking the ideal balance required for holistic health. Stress is reduced, thoughts more focused and clearer while the rest of your body is getting the required exercised to keep it supple, fit and lean.

What’s worse is that when you go through an experience (practical instead of theoretical), neurotransmitters are released with the formation of every synapse. These neurotransmitters immediately strengthen those synapses, making it difficult for you to forget about it (this is true for most cases of a memorable scene in a TV program). Think about your first kiss, the day your get married, the day your parents bought you that house… or any other memorable events in your life. Yet few of us frequently and actively recall these joyous times. We do, however, frequently recall events that are less than desirable. Because neurons for remembering an experience is always connected to neurons responsible for emotions, by recalling undesirable events, you’re putting yourself through the negative emotions attached. To make things worse, recalling an event strengthens the synapses involved in the memory – making it easier for you to recall it. Thus a habit is formed. Most people constantly sabotage their well-being by conjuring past images and living through them over and over again. We can see, now that you know how a habit is formed, just how “asleep” we have been in our life. Here, think about your morning routine. Each and every morning, you probably do the same tasks, in the order for the same amount of time. It’s a habit you’ve unknowingly formed. Your morning routine is not necessarily harmful, but are you taking the same approach to life in general? Are you living passively, instead of actively? Are there any “addictions” that you can get rid of — perhaps watching TV at a certain time, gossiping and even the cups of coffee you “must” have during breaks? Most people live in this sort of reactive mode and letting the environment determine how they should feel. That is the limbic system talking — the part of your brain responsible for emotions. By living in reactive mode, the synapses in your frontal lobe, where your consciousness resides, is thus weak because it’s rarely fired, resulting is some of the most common age-related diseases such as the inability to learn.

What began as a survivor’s dream in 2011 with just 350 participants has now grown to over 1,500 five years later. Last year, Brain Power added a 10K to our signature 5k and 1-mile walk line up. The 5K course is an out-and-back which features a slight uphill on the way out and an encouraging downhill on the way back that helps you pick up speed for a strong finish. The 10K course is two loops of the 5K course.

Please be sure that you are in good condition to run these courses, although if you don’t feel well as always there will be medical personnel standing by. If you don’t know the health risks of endurance running, here you can Learn More About It. Keep the information in that article in mind when considering if you should enter.

Before the start of the race we honor our survivors with the Survivor Stride.  All of the race participants take a moment of silence down on one knee as our most “powerful people” walk through the crowd at the start line. Recognizing our survivors in this way race really drives home what Brain Power is really about – creating more survivors. We are proud to have over 40 survivors participating in our event this year, with that number growing every day.

The Brain Power 5K and the Dr. Marnie Rose Foundation’s year around efforts raise essential funds for life-saving and life-prolonging research at MD Anderson Cancer Center.  With our monthly survivor gatherings which we call our “Brain Power Hours” the Brain Power 5K stays plugged in to the brain cancer and brain tumor community. We work to be advocates to families and individuals suffering from a brain tumor and brain cancer diagnoses throughout all stages of the process. We also we work to promote health, wellness, support, and most of all awareness to all of Central Texas.

Our hope is as Lanie Rose, founder of the Dr. Marnie Rose Foundation, says, “may the next brain cancer story you hear be that of a cure!”

Come join us to help #endcancer for good on Sunday, September 11!

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