Cafe StopsWhether or not you’re a serious roadie or triathlete cranking out 6+ hours in the saddle or the daily commuter pedaling across town. Caffeine is a source rocket fuel when the legs are feeling bagged, nothing is more integral in cycling than the essential café stop. A dose of caffeine and maybe even a pastry on the side will give you the final surge for home.

Now, for some of you who preferred that freeze-dried, sugary “so much cream there’s barely room for any thing else” style of coffee. You can go just about anywhere and be satisfied. In fact, there’s a Starbucks on every corner for you.

Due to my collection of cycling caps, or my “Euro” heritage surging through the veins of my shaved legs. Put that Frappuccino down and try something new. If you get excited at words like “Cappuccino”, “Espresso”, “French Press” here are some locations around downtown Austin that won’t disappoint.

The requirements to make this list:

1) Quality

Unlike Forrest Gump and his box of chocolates, I do want to know what I’m getting every time. The Barista’s take care of you, and your order looks like it lept from the pages of Bon Appétit.

2) Location

As good as it may be… I don’t want my cyclist friends playing frogger with a traffic to get there. Located near popular routes (bike lanes), or in safe area of town. Daily Double if your locate near a bike shop.

3) Biker Friendly

Nothing like the lycra covered cyclist tap dancing across the floor to disturb a room full of hard-at-work social media experts on their Mac-Books… You don’t feel underdressed, there’s plenty of seating (in/out-side depending on your funk level), and there are places to stash your bike safely.


Juan Pelota

Located inside of Mellow Johnny’s at 400 Neuces St. This café serves a triple threat of my requirements. Great coffee, easily accessed location (double points for being in a bike shop), and a native habitat for the cyclist. The café also earns extra credits for its proximity to multiple post ride options of eateries and watering holes that downtown has to offer


Houndstooth Coffee

With two locations in town, I suggest the original North Austin location at 4200 N Lamar Blvd. Due to its proximity to the Shoal Creek bike route, this place will spoil you with some of the best coffee you can taste in town. Extremely knowledgeable staff and great service.

Did I mention they have Beer and Wine as well.


Vintage Heart Coffee

This east side café located at 1405 East 7th Street. This place has a special feel once you walk through the doors, a sudden escape from the city and you are at home. Great Staff and Great Service. Another perk, they are within close proximity to Division 1 Bicycles down the street.


Caffé Medici

Located just west of downtown the tucked in the Clarksville neighborhood at 1101 West Lynn. They cover all the bases with solid options of coffee as well as some good pastries. The original location has plenty of space out front to stretch the legs and take a break. A couple extra points to be awarded for their new neighbor across the street Austin Bikes.


Bouldin Creek Cafe

Located at 1900 S 1st. Bouldin Creek is your doorway to the south Austin. Staples in coffee available to your liking. If you are really hungry they have a full menu at you disposal. Try any of there omelets… they will change your day. Down the street from a 3 Bike shops (Austin Tri-Cyclist, Bicycle Sports Shop, and Jack and Adams).


Did I leave out a favorite spot of yours? Leave the suggestion in the comments below.


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