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Lessons from a National Championship

On Sunday fans all across Central Texas celebrated an NBA National Championship as the San Antonio Spurs dominated the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals.  A much smaller but equally rabid fan base celebrated another [...]

The 10 Commandments of Healthy Running

Regardless of your ability, speed or body shape, the greatest challenge almost all runners face—especially beginners—is staying healthy. By the very nature of the aerobic benefits running provides, we are certainly healthier than our sedentary [...]

Coping With Winter Winds

For Central Texans in the summer, it’s the heat and humidity. In the winter, we get the wind. Either condition can be brutal. But unlike the heat and humidity that are a constant on just [...]

Getting Motivated for the Long Runs

We've had a few questions from beginning runners on some of our long-run articles, but the one that keeps cropping up the most is how do you get motivated to do a long run? It's [...]

Putting “Junk Miles” To Good Use

Whenever you begin a marathon training program, you will hear someone—probably a coach—talk disparagingly about “junk miles.” This coach will warn you about the uselessness of running junk miles—slow, extra miles added to weekly training [...]

Building A Firm Distance Foundation

One of the beauties of running is that it’s not a technique sport. You don’t have to spend years honing a forehand, jump shot or putting stroke to become a good, competent runner. Nor is [...]

Are Sports Drinks Worth It This Summer?

Sports drinks are everywhere. They have become so common that you can find a cooler full of sports drinks such as Gatorade, All Sport and Powerade at any gas station, convenience store or grocery store [...]

How To Start Running This Summer

You start by keeping it simple. You don’t need fancy equipment or even a watch to get started. You don’t need a training plan or coach. You don’t need a facility, gym or even track. [...]

FAQs On Hydration Needs This Summer

Water truly is the key to life. Without it, there is no life. Especially a running life here in Central Texas. Being adequately hydrated before, during and after every run, is an absolute must to [...]