The kickoff to triathlon season for professionals and amateurs alike is nearing, and in preparation we’re taking a in-depth look with some of the best in central Texas. This week the focus turns to Chris McDonald, a six-time Ironman champion including two top finishes in 2013 (Ironman Lake Tahoe, Ironman Louisville). Hailing from Australia, McDonald has planted roots in Austin – and not just for training.

Q) For those who don’t know, who/what is Big Sexy Racing?


C) First thing, thanks for checking in at the camp and catching up. Team BSR (Big Sexy Racing) is a elite amateur triathlon team that I put together in 2013. The nickname was given to me in 2007 and it stuck. Over time I decided to embrace it and then develop a team to give back to the sport that has given me so much. The team is comprised of 100 members from all over the US and they are brand ambassadors for the team sponsors.


Q) How was your offseason this year? Any injuries, illness, setbacks…

C) Off season for me this year was a pretty big break. I headed back to Australia for 6 weeks over the “x-mas” break and enjoyed some solid down time. Starting off the new year training has gone pretty well.


Q) Did you focus on any on anything particular – swim, bike, run, strength?

C) The winter for me is always a strength focus and this year I also put a particular focus on swimming.


Q) What are some goals for the 2014 season?

C) After a successful 2013 with 2 IM victories I decided to move my focus a little to Hawaii (Ironman World Championships Kona, HI) for 2014. I really didn’t want to focus on the race until I thought I could be a part of the race. So my spring focus is on getting the points required to qualify for Hawaii.

ed. note: Kona Qualification point system information can be found HERE.


photo 1Q) What race are you most looking forward to, and why?

C) This year one of my main goals is IMTX (Ironman Texas, May 17, 2014 in Houston) and something I am really looking forward to. My father (68 years old) will be doing his first triathlon and Ironman at that race and I have two brothers who will also be taking part in the race. To have all four of us in the race will be very special


Q) Any particular races around Texas on the schedule?

C) Yes, my whole spring is pretty much scheduled around texas races.


Q) Will you stay around Austin to train or will you do some traveling?

C) I traveled way too much last year so in 2014 I will be staying around Austin for all but about 6 weeks this year.


Q) What made you choose Austin as your new home?

C) Austin was an obvious choice when I was looking to move from Arizona. I wanted somewhere with a great training environment and endless roads to ride. The city provides all of that with some of the best cycling I have experienced, the UT masters swimming program, and probably one of the biggest running communities. However, it was not just the training that brought me here. This town has a great vibe with music, restaurants and good entertainment.

Q) Lightning round: Coffee or Cappuccino?

C) Black Coffee and lots of it!


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Thank you for your time Chris, thank you for the hospitality for the day at your camp. All the best on the 2014 season.

If you want to keep up with Big Sexy Chris McDonald’s season you can follow him on twitter @bigsexymcdonald.