With the start of the 2014 season in gear Texas Running Post wanted to catch up with Austin’s Pro Husband and Wife Triathlon Duo Brandon and Amy Marsh.

TRP: For those who don’t know, Who/What is Team Marsh?

We’re ‘just’ Brandon and Amy or Amy and Brandon Marsh. Several people in Austin and other pros started calling us ‘Team Marsh’ shortly after we were married in 2006 and it kind of stuck. We’ve got a small group of athletes that we coach online…some wear ‘Team Marsh’ branded tri or cycling kits.Brandon and Amy


TRP: How do you go about planning your race schedule?

In 2013 our schedule planning centered around qualifying both of us for Kona, the Ironman World Championships. We try to look at races that a) we want to race b) will allow us to make money racing and c) qualify for the championship races that we want to race. So for 2014 Amy’s schedule will focus on qualifying for Kona again, and Brandon will focus on podium finishes.


TRP: How was your offseason this year? Any injuries, illness, setbacks?

The 2013 to 2014 offseason was good for both of us. We both had really minor issues, a foot issue for Brandon and a couple of trips/falls for Amy. Neither of those caused us to miss more than a couple of days of running. Oh, and for the first time in memory we both got the flu right before Christmas, so it was about 7 or so days of no activity.

Amy Marsh

TRP: Did you focus on any on anything particular; Swim, Bike, Run, Strength?

Off season for professionals is kind of a misnomer. We took a month very very easy after Kona in October, but after Thanksgiving 2013 we were back into very generalized training.


TRP: What are some Goals for the 2014 season?

For Amy, get back to Kona and better her best finish of 10th place. For Brandon, get on the podium, win a pro 70.3 or IM. He’s never won an ‘major’ pro race.


TRP: What race are you most looking forward to, and why?

Amy is looking forward to heading to Germany for Ironman Frankfurt. A few years ago she raced really well in Europe, so she is excited to go back and give it a shot. Brandon, just finished IM Texas with a sub-par 8th place after going for it and leading for over 4 hours of the race. He’ll race 70.3 Lubbock as that’s oddly one of his favorite races at the end of June.


Brandon Marsh

TRP: Any particular races around Texas on the schedule?

As mentioned, Brandon will hit Lubbock at the end of June. After Lubbock for Brandon and IM Frankfurt for Amy their seasons are a bit up in the air. So, we’ll see. But, Brandon’s first three races: 70.3 Galveston, IM Texas, and 70.3 Lubbock are all in Texas and all races that he likes.


TRP: Will you stay around Austin to train or will you do some traveling?

In the past, we have shifted in the summer to escape the Texas heat. This year, for the month of June we are planning to go back to Flagstaff, AZ. But, we will be back to Austin for July and then maybe more of the summer. That’s TBD. Everyone asks…oh are you back in Austin. Truth is we never left. We have a house here, and it’s home.


TRP: Do you train with any local athletes or training groups in central Texas?

During the “off-season” we will swim with either Longhorn Aquatics or the Rollingwood Masters program. We might coordinate a run or ride with a few friends. But, when the main part of the season rolls around we kind of become hermits. We’ve got our schedules and we just focus on getting up each day and getting the work done. So, it’s a lot of solo training or training together. We like the group atmosphere but we also find the specificity of training alone and the ease of working on our own schedules to be productive.


TRP: Lightning round, coffee or cappuccino, favorite place to grab food after a workout?

Black coffee for Brandon, hot chocolate for Amy.

As cliche as it is, we’ll hit Whole Foods for variety or Chipotle or Mama Fu’s depending on the mood!

TRP: Well Done, You Survived that one…

TRP: What your favorite place to grab a workout in Austin?

Super Secret Swim locations. Actually, we head to up WILCO park to do quite a few bikes and some runs. We also swim at the El Salido Pool a lot year round and Northwest Park when it’s open and we’re in town.


TRP: Why Austin?

Austin is lucky to have a such a great athletic community. More run and bike stores than most other metro areas. All are good, we’ve encouraged our athletes to find their ‘home’ and it’s been varied. There’s not another metro area that we’d want to live.

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