Heard Around the Lake: News, Notes and Idle Gossip (July 24, 2014)

Something very weird happened this morning as I was finishing up my run: It actually rained. It's certainly rained a few times this summer, but this little shower wasn't in any forecast. Can't remember the last time it rained during a morning run and even though this one didn't amount to much, it sure felt [...]

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Heard Around the Lake: News, Notes and Idle Gossip (July 17, 2014)

The cancellation this week of the IBM Uptown Classic is regrettable, but it didn't come as much of a surprise. Since Luke's Locker has assumed responsibility for directing the race two years ago, it has had continual issues securing a suitable course through The Domain Shopping Center in north Austin. In 2012, the race was [...]

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Summer Speed: How To Jump Start Fast Twitch Fibers

Every single runner who has ever pulled on a pair of running shoes wants to get faster. It doesn’t matter if you’re the slowest runner on the planet or the fastest, we all have a desire to get faster. Everyone does. But already fit runners who have been diligently running the same workouts for months [...]

Heard Around the Lake: News, Notes and Idle Gossip (July 3, 2014)

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Women are better marathoners than men. Even though women haven't been running marathons as long as men and that men are bigger, stronger and faster, women are still better at the 26.2-mile distance than men. This isn't just my opinion, hardened by getting passed countless times [...]

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Newbie Runners Have Excuses? We Have Solutions

Let’s face it: Starting a running program—especially in the blazing heat of summer--isn’t the easiest thing in the world to do. If it was, everyone would be running. (Wouldn’t that be nice?) The problem with getting into a consistent running program is we allow obstacles—real or imagined—to get in our way and too often, they [...]

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Heard Around the Lake: News, Notes and Idle Gossip (June 26, 2014)

As Central Texans, the heat and humidity does slow us down a bit in the summer but few of us just flat out quit because it's too hot. We're lucky. We're highly motivated, competitive and so single-minded, we refuse to let anything—much less a little weather—get in our way. But not everyone is as focused [...]

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Cramps A Problem In Summer Heat? Here’s Some Help

Has this ever happened to you? You had a great long run or race in the morning and when you go to bed, you quickly drifted off into a deep, deep sleep. You’re right in the middle of some fantastic dream, when all of a sudden, a cramp slams you right in the belly of [...]

Preparing Your Training For Summer Heat

The official first day of summer isn't until June 21st but if you've stepped outside recently you aren't fooled by some date on the calendar. The wonderful world of Central Texas summer running is here. We had a relatively cool winter and spring, but the climate folks are predicting yet another extremely warm summer for [...]

Going Long This Summer? Here’s How To Make Long Runs Easier

For all the Central Texas runners planning a fall marathon, their weekends will now be dominated by the long run. Heat and humidity be damned, there’s just no way of getting around the fact that the most important element of any marathon training program is the long run. It is absolutely essential that every marathoner [...]

Summer’s Here (Well, Almost): How To Protect Against Heat Exhaustion

Don't know how to break the news to you, but summer's here. Sorry. The calendar might say it's still spring, but whoever believes that lives in Minnesota. For the next three months we will be smack dab in the middle of the worst running weather Central Texans annually face. Our summer dynamic duo of extreme [...]