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Kick Start The New Year With Post-Run Smoothies

Healthy this; healthy that. At this time of year, so many of us are making New Year's Resolutions to eat healthier in 2016, but some of us labor under the false impression that eating healthy is boring and counterproductive to the taste buds. Sometimes all you want for a post-run breakfast is something that explodes with refreshing taste—and isn't loaded with fat and grease.

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Tips To Recover Quickly From Long Runs

If you’re training for either or both of the big winter races—the 3M Half Marathon (January 24) or the Austin Marathon or Half (February 14)--you should already have several long runs under your legs. Regardless of how many long runs you have completed so far, there’s absolutely no question that long runs are the key to your marathon (or half marathon) training program. Running the right number at the proper pace and distance will go a long way toward making your target race a success.

When the Best Time of Day Is For Running

Do you often feel on a morning run that every step feels like you’re running in cement shoes? Or, on a lunch time run with co-workers, does it feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders as you plod along ever so slowly? But after work, you often feel like you’re flying during a workout. What’s up with that?

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Getting in the Zone: Don’t Think, Just Run

Something you constantly hear athletes talking about in any sport is being in the zone. Although it means different things to different athletes in different sports, being in the zone in running means being able to go beyond what you would normally be able to run in either a workout or a race.

Heard Around the Lake: News, Notes and Idle Gossip (Nov. 5, 2015)

The University of Texas has a long, distinguished track history and, over the years, has won 11 NCAA team championships. But UT has never been a distance power comparable to such historically strong programs such as Oregon, Stanford, Colorado, Wisconsin or Arkansas.

What You Need To Know Before Considering Racing Flats

If you're a fitness runner who only rarely enters local road races with a goal of just finishing, read no more. This article is not for you. But if you are someone who challenges themselves several times a year in important races and going for age-group honors, you probably have asked yourself more than once: Should I wear racing shoes?

Stretching: The Key To Injury-Free Running

Most runners hate to stretch. Especially guys. We complain about lack of flexibility, but do nothing about it. Most of us who can do two-hour runs (or longer) never seem to be able to find an extra 10 minutes to stretch. Recently, I had one friend tell me something to the effect that real runners don’t stretch. Of course, when he was telling me this he was hobbling around with a calf injury.

Heard Around the Lake: News, Notes and Idle Gossip (Oct. 15, 2015)

How many times have you heard this one: “Running is so boring. I don't know how you keep running and aren't bored to death by it.” Let me just throw this out there: I never get bored with running. My guess is you don't either. So maybe I am preaching to the choir, but it's always seemed such a paradox that the people who criticize running as boring, never run.

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11 Motivational Tools For Your Long Run

Now, that marathon season has started and marathon-training season for the late fall, early winter marathons is underway one of the compelling questions that many marathoners invariably have is: How do you get through the incredibly long runs without the agony of the marathon shuffle?

Fall Marathon Training On Three Runs A Week

When you make the decision that you want to run a marathon, you’ll quickly discover all sorts of elaborate training plans and schedules designed to get you to the finish line. Almost all of them require you to run at least four or five days per week with perhaps a day or two of cross-training thrown in.

Pick Up Speed With Strides After Every Workout

Summer’s almost done and the cooler, dryer weather is right around the corner. For many, it's marathon, while for many others, it's time to start cranking up the mileage and long runs for half marathons and marathons later this fall. Or, for the two biggies in the Austin Distance Challenge: The 3M Half (January 24) and/or the Austin Marathon/Half ( February 14).