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[Ask the Doctor] How Can I Get Faster?

started running again about 3 years ago and I’ve been mostly injury free as I trained to run a 5k and have since worked myself up to running half marathons. I’ve done three of them and my times are pretty flat at around 2 hours, even though my mileage has gone up. What can I do to get faster beyond increasing my mileage while not putting myself at risk of injury?

Runner’s Trots: How to Avoid It

Without a doubt, the most common gastrointestinal problem which bothers runners, especially during races and long runs, is something commonly called the runner’s trots. It is—ahem—the urge to defecate and/or have mild diarrhea at the most inappropriate time. Having to stop during a race or a long run to defecate is not only embarrassing and costs time, but it can be extremely inconvenient and troubling. This condition is especially prevlalent among morning runners.

How To Practice Negative Split Pacing This Fall

Runners are generally very positive, upbeat, highly motivated people. But, irony of ironies, negative running is a good thing. Particularly for racers. Allow me to explain. A negative-paced race is more properly termed “negative splits” and what it means is running the second half of any race or long run faster than the first half. [...]

Newbie Alert: Stay Off Concrete Roads and Sidewalks

There's no getting around it: Road running is hard on the body. It just is. Especially since the two predominant surfaces are either concrete or asphalt (macadam). Or a combination of the two. Both are hard, unforgiving surfaces and,  given a choice, many newbies wonder which one is best for running. Perth Artificial Grass is [...]

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