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Advice on how to tackle long runs.

Using Long Runs As Experiment To Prepare for Race Day

One of the Golden Rules of marathoning is also one of the simplest: Don’t try to do anything on race day which you haven't done in training. The marathon is not the time for experimentation with new shoes, strategy, clothes or nutritional supplements. Doing so, might work out but chances are that experimenting with something [...]

The Importance of A Postrace or Long Run Cooldown

You see it after nearly every race. The top runners—the fastest folks in the field—finish the race, grab a drink and head off for another few miles, while the rest of us lie down trying to recover. What's up with that? Do the best runners know something we don't?

Going Long This Summer? Here’s How To Make Long Runs Easier

For all the Central Texas runners planning a fall marathon, their weekends will now be dominated by the long run. Heat and humidity be damned, there’s just no way of getting around the fact that the most important element of any marathon training program is the long run. It is absolutely essential that every marathoner [...]

Coping With Winter Winds

For Central Texans in the summer, it’s the heat and humidity. In the winter, we get the wind. Either condition can be brutal. But unlike the heat and humidity that are a constant on just about any summer run, the winter wind is either your best friend or worst enemy. When a stiff breeze is [...]

Tackling the Long Run

The twin objectives of every marathoner (or half marathoner) are to train his or her best to cover 26.2 miles on marathon day while reaching the start and finish line healthy and injury-free. The key is finding the right balance between doing enough training to run well and yet remain free of injury. Why this [...]

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