My First ‘Race’

I got my first taste of road racing as an intern for the 2007 Austin Marathon and Half Marathon. Yeah, I wasn’t even a runner, but that quickly changed. I became immersed in the Austin running culture and smitten with the idea that another sport (besides football and baseball) would allow me to push myself and test my limits. Throughout the years there have been plenty of road races, completing many 5Ks, 10Ks, and even a marathon (2015 Austin!). But I’ve never raced; never thought of winning. I’ve never wanted to win; never thought I could win. I’ve never worked to better my time to win. I’ve never trained and pushed myself to win.

Beginner’s Corner: Goals For Newbies

Have you already started a running or walking program this summer? Or are thinking about getting going? That’s awesome. Running and/or walking is the best, most efficient aerobic exercises you can do. Even in this heat. One of the keys to maintaining your running or walking regimen is compiling a list of achievable goals that [...]

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