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End of An Era for Austin Marathon; Newbies Dominate

On a bittersweet morning for John and Stacy Conley and the staff of Conley Sports, the 25th annual Austin Marathon on Sunday morning was their final marathon after 19 years at the helm. But for three of the top four winners in the marathon and half marathon, it was a day of firsts.

25th Austin Marathon On Tap Sunday; Warm Weather in the Forecast

This is a particularly noteworthy year for the Austin Marathon. The race celebrates its 25th year and it is also the final year of race director John Conley's ownership. After this year's race, High Five Events takes over direction and ownership of the Austin Marathon.

Jared Carson, Kristen Zaitz Lead Field At 3M Half; Zaitz Betters Course Record

Jared and Megan Carson are expecting their first child—a son—any day now. The soon-to-be pops provided an early birthday present on Sunday morning by winning the 22nd annual 3M Half Marathon in 1:08:23. It was the first half marathon victory of Carson's life and it couldn't have come at a better time for the expectant parents.

6000+ Runners Expected for 22nd Annual 3M Half Marathon on Sunday

On-line registration closes tomorrow night (January 20) at midnight for the crown jewel of the Austin racing season: The 3M Half Marathon. Long recognized as one of the top half marathons in the country, 3M has earned national recognition due to its fast, north-to-south course, peerless race organization and over-the-top goodie bag of 3M products.

Decker Challenge Dominated by New Arrivals, McCurdy and Marley

The 37th Annual Decker Challenge is the third oldest race in Austin, behind the ARC Daisy 5K and the venerable Capitol 10K. The usual story of the Austin Runners Club Decker Challenge starts with the weather. But as our resident Kiwi Keith Dowland said before the race “the runners are spoiled”. 44F, zero mph wind at 8am, this is not your usual Decker weather.

Ideal Weather Expected for Decker Challenge on Sunday

It isn’t called the Decker Challenge because it’s a little fun-run through Zilker Park. Not quite. The Decker is absolutely one of the toughest road races in Austin and has been for decades. Decker, the third race in the six-race 2015-16 Austin Distance Challenge, is a true test of legs, lung power—and character.

The 2015-16 Austin Distance Challenge Is Almost Here

With yet another long, hot summer finally - well, mostly - behind us, racing season gets underway this Friday night (September 11th) with the Zilker Relays followed by the the first race in the annual Austin Distance Challenge series: The Run Free Texas 8-K on September 27th in Cedar Park.

Heard Around the Lake: News, Notes and Idle Gossip (April 30, 2015)

Running is one of the most studied subjects in the world of exercise research, probably because so many researchers run and are curious about its effects. The latest research offering studies—of all things--sweat and its effect on others. This is hardly new stuff. The late Dr. George Sheehan, the first running doctor, theorized 35 years ago in Runner's World, that there are two types of sweat: “Good” sweat generated by exercise which doesn't smell and the bad, stinky kind of nervous sweat.

Heard Around the Lake: News, Notes and Idle Gossip (Feb. 19, 2015)

P.T. Barnum supposedly once said that there's no such thing as bad publicity. I'm not sure if that's applicable in the case of a marathon, but last Sunday's epic crawl by Hyvon Ngetich down Congress Avenue to the finish of the Austin Marathon reverberated around the world and was carried on every network news show [...]

10-Step Recovery Plan For Austin Half/Marathoners

This isn't exactly a newsflash, but marathons aren't just tough to run. It's tough to recover from one too. A marathon pushes the body to the max and stresses every part of your system and structure. If you finished the Austin Marathon or Half Marathon on Sunday, congratulations.

Oppressive Humidity Makes for Tough Austin Marathon and Half; David Fuentes Wins Third Austin Half

One of the Golden Rules of marathoning is a good day for spectators is a bad day for racing. For the third year in a row, temps were ideal for marathon-watching but brutal for marathon running. Actually, the temps weren't all that bad

Austin Marathon Weekend Kicks Off Tomorrow; New (Old) Start for Half and Marathon

By any measure, this is the best weekend of the year for the Austin running community. The level of excitement is palpable as Marathon Sunday approaches. The Austin Marathon and its much larger half are the most prominent events we have that draw the greatest number of out-of-town runners to our fair—running—city. More than half of the registered runners are from outside of the Austin metro.

How To Carbohydrate Load This Week For The Austin Marathon

If you’re running the Austin Marathon on Sunday, you might be wondering about the concept known as “carbohydrate-loading.” If you're new to marathoning and confused about this, it's an important concept to understand before this week's final countdown to marathon Sunday. (Carbo-loading isn't advantageous to half marathoners.)