Ice, Ice Baby! Freeze Sore or Injured Leg Muscles

Just the other morning, I finished the first of what promises to be plenty of hot, humid long runs with my training group and while we were trying to rehydrate, a relative newbie came by and asked me the best to treat a sore calf muscle. He was diligently stretching the calf after every run, followed later by dipping his legs in a Jacuzzi and then placing a heating pad on the calf for another 10 minutes. The calf hadn't been responding at all to his treatment and he was worried.

Summer’s Almost Here: Skin Care Tips For Runners

As runners, we tend to pay far more attention to the inner workings of our body than the outside. We run through the Texas summer heat and oppressive sun and assume if our legs and lungs are OK, we must be fine. Maybe, maybe not. Many of us suffer in silence as our skin takes a beating. There is simply no doubt about it, if you are running in the summer, your skin will feel the effects of one or all of the following: sunburn, chafing, wind burn, sweat-induced acne) or just plain, post-run itchiness caused by dry skin.

Rest for Success: How To Recover For Optimal Results

One of the most difficult training concepts to accept is also the very simplest: Rest. That’s right, total rest. Not active rest or cross-training, but complete rest. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a runner, swimmer, cyclist, weight lifter or bowler (OK, maybe not a bowler), but your most important training day should have a big goose egg next to it. A zero. Zilch. Nyet. Nada. Nothing.

Kick Start The New Year With Post-Run Smoothies

Healthy this; healthy that. At this time of year, so many of us are making New Year's Resolutions to eat healthier in 2016, but some of us labor under the false impression that eating healthy is boring and counterproductive to the taste buds. Sometimes all you want for a post-run breakfast is something that explodes with refreshing taste—and isn't loaded with fat and grease.

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Heard Around the Lake: New, Notes and Idle Gossip (Sept. 3, 2015)

How many times have you heard this one? Typically, it’s from some non-runner who offers this well-intentioned piece of advice: “If you keep up with all that running, it’s going to ruin your knees.” If I had a breakfast taco for every single time I’ve heard that, I could compete with Taco Deli.

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Summer Recovery: The Hard/Easy Method Explained

If you have started your training this summer for a fall marathon or half (or about to start it) and have been closely following a training schedule, you probably will have noticed that there’s always an easy day, recovery run or complete rest day following every hard or long run. This is the classic hard/easy training method that nearly every runner follows. Even though there’s a huge difference among training schedules, every reliable schedule incorporates this hard/easy style of training.

How To Protect Your Skin From Summer Sun

As dedicated runners, we tend to pay far more attention to the inner workings of our body than the outside. We run in the Central Texas summer heat and oppressive sun and assume if our legs, heart and lungs are OK, we must be fine. Maybe, maybe not. Many of us suffer in silence as our skin takes a beating.

How To Prevent and Treat Ankle Sprains

There isn't a runner alive who hasn't suffered at one time or another from a simple ankle sprain. It is - by far - the most common injury that puts runners on the injury list. According to the American Orthopedic Foot and Ankle Society, physicians see more than a million patients a year complaining of ankle sprains.

Will Running Ruin Your Joints and Lead to Arthritis?

How many times have you heard this one from some of your non-running friends and family: “If you keep up with all that running, the pounding will catch up with you and ruin your joints sooner or later.” Your well-meaning friends and family are bringing up a logical concern—one that even maybe you have considered. We all love running and it's certainly a great activity/sport, but if I continue with it, will I end up stiff, in pain and more prone to arthritis when I get older?

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Trouble Falling Asleep Before A Big Race? Here’s Help

There isn’t a runner on the planet who hasn’t had at least occasional trouble falling asleep before an important race. Just when you most need a full night’s rest, you spend the night, tossing and turning. What can you do? And if you don’t sleep well, will it sabotage your big race? Certainly, the quality [...]

Speed Work Specifics For Improving Your Speed

Before beginning just about any run, you should ask yourself the purpose of it. The majority of training runs are easy runs that are designed to build endurance, but on the speed work day it’s a little more complicated. It's important to decide what type of speed you will be working on and why you [...]

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Should You Run Through A Minor Injury?

Just about every runner who trains consistently and with any degree of intensity will suffer some type of injury. The stress of training and the repetitive nature of the sport makes it almost inevitable that somewhere along the way you will suffer an injury. But fortunately, most running injuries are relatively minor and heal quickly. [...]

Treating the Problem Rather Than The Symptom

It’s 4 months from that big fall marathon when the pain begins.  The discomfort starts as a twinge on the outside of the knee, but quickly progresses into a much more debilitating pain.  All eyes turn toward the knee and you start to remember all that hearsay from your Uncle Don and Aunt Nancy about [...]