The 2013 Kerrville Triathlon festival was an action packed weekend of racing. Athletes had the option to test their end of the season fitness at three different distances.  The longer two-day layout gave athletes the ability to choose between a Sprint, Quarter, and Half Ironman race. Participants ranged from the brand new triathlete tackling their first sprint to the season veteran sharpening their race tactics just two weeks before the World Championships in Kona.

Saturday began with 380 athletes competing in the Age Group Sprint race consisting of a 500m swim, 15mile bike and a 5k run. The Texas heat was not a concern thanks to the cloud coverage that provided near perfect racing conditions. The rain that lingered in the area had no effect on the day’s events.

Several athletes were registered for both days of racing. Some notables from the sprint distance podium included Jamie Cleveland (who also raced the Half Ironman on Sunday) and runner-up Pablo Gomez. Gomez swam the 1900m leg of the Half Ironman relay and then competed individually in the quarter distance race a few minutes later. Jennifer Reinhart, the female runner up, just returned from Age Group World Championships in London last month. Reinhart competed in both the sprint and quarter distance races this weekend.

[table caption=”Sprint – men”]Time,Name,City,State,

1:02:59, Jamie   Cleveland,Sunset Valley ,TX

1:04:22 ,Pablo Gomez,Austin,TX

1:09:49, Josh Meler,Austin,TX


[table caption=”Sprint – women”]Time,Name,City,State,

1:15:49,Jessica Tranchina,Austin,TX

1:20:01,Jennifer Reinhart,Austin,TX

1:20:37,Shellie Oroshiba,Austin,TX



Day Two

The second day of the festival was another long day of races in Kerrville. The morning started off with the Half Ironman distance races, followed by the Quarter distance races. Saturday’s late evening thunderstorm brought cooler temperatures and kept clouds in the sky for the athletes throughout the day.

630 athletes in total were on the start list for Sunday’s races, including 300 individuals in the Half distance and 32 teams competing in the relay. 235 individuals also competed in the Quarter distance race. The athletes who raced on both days had the opportunity to test their fitness against the fresh face racers who joined the festival on Sunday. The race day conditions were ideal – 75-degree water, slight winds, and overcast skies.

In the men’s race, Adrian Cameron (25:29) started of the day in the lead with the fastest swim time. Collin Sully, Todd Gerlach, and returning champion Jamie Cleveland chased Cameron into T1 before making their way on to the bike course.

During the bike portion a majority of the group regained the time lost from the swim and closed the gap on Cameron. The lead 10 riders held a 10-minute window. The biggest attack came from Andy Lee (2:17:04) who had the fastest bike of  the day. The effort moved Andy Lee into the top five out of T2.

As the athletes made their way on to the run course they had four 3.1 mile loops to complete. During the run, Jamie Cleveland was forced to ease his pace due to a strained calf muscle injury which allowed for a lead change. Andy Lee (1:24) used his momentum and the Cleveland injury to overtake the run, logging the quickest 20K of the day in 1 hour, 24 minutes. But it wasn’t without a lot of work in having to fend off surging Jason Lentke and Travis Rimel. The two Austinites captured second and third for their efforts.


[table caption=”Half Iron – men”]Time,Name,City,State,

4:22:07,Andy   Lee,Lakeway,TX

4:23:40,Jason   Lentzke,Austin,TX

4:25:26,Travis  Rimel,Austin,TX

4:30:46,Adrian Cameron,Austin,TX

4:32:09,Jamie   Cleveland,Sunset Valley,TX



The women’s race unfolded in a time trial format due to the wave starts spanning over eight minutes between the three age group divisions. The top 10 athletes found themselves racing against the clock to see who had the better time on the day.

The fastest swim of the day belonged to age-grouper Jennifer Reinhart (30:46) who would start two minutes behind overall winner Jennifer Lentzke racing in the open division.

Lentzke (2:37:48) overtook Jennifer Reinhart (2:52:37) out of T1 during the bike course and lead for the remainder of the day. The remainder of the women’s field chased the clock to see if they could make up the time gap caused by the wave start times. Kelly Hooper (2:39:37) finished her bike segment only two minutes behind, leaving it to the run to determine the winner on the day.

But Lentzke (1:37:09) was not to be denied, gathering her three minute lead back from the chase group during the run course and then sitting and waiting at the finish line to see if anyone else would top her. Hooper couldn’t make up the difference and Lori Green, despite turning in a superb 1:35:01 which was the best run of the day, captured third.

[table caption=”Half Iron – women”]Time,Name,City,State,

4:55:11,Jennifer Lentzke,Austin,TX

4:58:16,Kelly Hooper,Houston,TX

5:05:19 ,Lori Green,San Antonio,TX

5:12:58,Melanie Yarzy,Seabrook,TX

5:13:14 ,Julia Cushen,Austin,TX



[table caption=”Quarter – men”]Time,Name,City,State,

2:10:43,Pablo Gomez,Austin,TX

2:18:31,Conner Searcy,Dallas,TX

2:18:59,Michael Ayer,Austin,TX

2:20:02,Nathan Poland,Austin,TX

2:21:55,Carl Clark,San Antonio,TX


[table caption=”Quarter – women”]Time,Name,City,State,

2:24:38,Alicia Allen,Austin,TX

2:27:29,Julie Stupp,Austin,TX

2:28:52,Nusha Pelicano,New Braunfels, TX

2:30:13,Jade Stock,Yorktown,TX

2:31:37,Lisa Buckley,Austin,TX


Full Results

Pictures by Ed Sparks