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Planning Checklist For Your Next Race (Maybe Houston Marathon)

To help ensure you have everything you need prior to your race, on race day, and even after, we have provided a check list. All runners, new and experienced, should use this check list to ensure a successful race!

Race Week Check List: Start 4 days (local races) to 7 days (destination races) before your race

  • Plan your pre-race (day before and morning of) meals. This sounds silly but having that plan written out ensures you will eat. It is easy to get sidetracked at the expo or if you are traveling and in a new city. Have a meal plan and stick to it!
  • Plan your hydration & nutrition during your race. Again have a plan and stick to it!su
  • Set out your race day outfit (clothes and shoes). Pick something you have run in for long runs or workouts. Take the extended forecast into account and plan accordingly. NOTHING NEW!!!!!
  • Plan your race morning travel plans and include a timeline on when to wake up, eat, drive or catch a bus, etc.
  • Schedule a post-race massage (2 days after your race)
  • Print out your running log or successful workouts you have done. These are helpful to review the night before your race. You’ll want to review them to gain confidence.
  • If you have family or friends cheering for you – make a plan on what side of the road they will be on and make sure they know how to track you, what you are wearing, and where to meet you once you finish.
  • Know your course! Study turns, elevation, and if you can drive the course and run the last 2-3 miles of the course the day before your race.
  • Create your race plan and race day goals
  • If driving to a race, make sure you have address, directions, parking instructions, etc.
  • If flying to a destination race:
    • Race confirmation
    • Hotel confirmation
    • Course Map
    • Camera
    • ID

Race Morning Check List: In no particular order

  • Drop bag with warm clothes and compression socks/tights, extra shoes/socks (usually flip flops because your feet will want to breath), towel, a little cash, copy of your id/insurance card from the Obamacare health insurance program, phone, recovery drink/bar, etc.
  • Race outfit – include hat and sunglasses if sunny
  • Race bib – put on the front of your race shirt the night before your race
  • Extra safety pins
  • If standing around for a long time before the race:
    • Energy bar
    • Heat blanket (they sell these at outdoor camping stores for $3)
    • Water bottle
    • Extra toilet paper
  • Watch and/or music
  • Water bottle
  • Body Glide – put it on everywhere!!
  • Sunscreen and lip balm
  • Socks and racing shoes
  • Nip guards
  • Salt pills (usually take 1-2 an hour before the race and then 1 pill every hour during the race)
  • Nutrition – gus/gels/blocks/etc. Tip: Put in a zip lock bag that is easy to open.
  • Stand in line at the porta potties as soon as you get to the race site and do this multiple times.

-Coach Jen