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Jack’s Generic Triathlon (2013): Race Notes, and Recap

Swim Start

Swim Start

I’m sure many of you have browsed intensely for a post race wrap-up on this year’s Jack’s Generic Triathlon. Sorry for the delay, I was on the road for a race. With the new event location and race distance, we have a lot to talk about…

The decision to add the intermediate option to the schedule this year by race directors Dan Carroll and Jack Murray (Make sure you wish them a happy birthday)

I sat down with Dan for a quick recap of his thoughts about this year’s race.

How did you like the new conditions at Lake Pflugerville?
“The course reviews have been great. People loved the beach start. It is totally unique for triathlons in Texas. Swim course conditions were very calm, with hardly any waves. It got a little windy later in the morning on the bike, but the gently rolling hills and limited traffic make it a great course. The run course is exposed to the sun, but the energy in the finish area makes it all worth it.”

What are the plans for 2014 JGT?
“As of now, there are no plans to change the course.  I think word will get out about this new course and we’ll see substantial growth in 2014. Registration is slated to open this November.”


With two races unfolding on the same course, either 2-2-2 or 1-1-1 was the theme of the weekend, depending on the athlete’s chosen distance. For the intermediate distance, athletes completed the two of

the 500m swim loops(with a brief shore run), two of the 12.9-mile bike loops, and two of the 3-mile run loops. For the sprint distance, athletes completed one 500m swim loop, one 12.9-mile bike loop, and one 3-mile run loop.

The quintessentially hot Texas temperature made its presence known with a typical muggy, warm, and stagnant start to the morning. However, the calm winds that characterized the swim gave way to different conditions when athletes took to the bike course. During the hilly portion of the bike course, athletes fought increased leg fatigue from the head and cross winds with gusts that reached speeds in the low teens. Furthermore, the cloud cover that protected early portions of the bike leg burned off and left athletes exposed to the elements with little to no shade. However, the bike course was fast overall and allowed athletes to open up the gears on the winding country roads, and the good surface and clearly marked course allowed most people to actually make up time during the bike leg.

The run course ran the circumference of Lake Pflugerville and exposed the athletes to the searing temperatures and breezy conditions but seemed to cause negligible negative effects on athletes. Furthermore, the aid stations at the 1-mile and 2-mile marks and the 400 interval markers helped athletes easily judge pace on the gravel course.

Finally, coming out of a blind turn on the last 2k stretch, athletes could hear the music and announcer and then see the finish structure and beer garden. The cheering crowd and electric atmosphere at the finish line helped pull athletes through the finish.


Sprint Distance:
Aug. 3rd 2013
500m, 12.9miles, 3miles

1. Natasha Van Der Merwe 1:01:49(Austin, TX)
2. Julie Stupp 1:06:19 (Austin, TX)
3. Sara Dasso 1:07:18 (New Braunfels, TX)
4. Hollie Kenney 1:09:16 (Austin, TX)
5. Fernanda Bau 1:11:01 (Pflugerville, TX)

1. Jimmy Smith 1:01:18 (Waco, TX)
2. Michael Ayer 1:03:43 (Austin, TX)
3. Ronald Midyett 1:06:32 (Corpus Christi, TX)
4. Randy Rigney 1:07:20 (Round Rock, TX)
5. Ned Wilson 1:07:26 (Austin, TX)


Intermediate Distance:
Aug 3rd, 2013
1000m, 25.8 mile, 6miles

1. Tyla Brown 2:16:14 (Austin, TX)
2. Lisa Ansin 2:20:18 (Austin, TX)
3. Erin Truslow 2:24:35 (Austin, TX)
4. Carolin Knobelspies 2:25:29 (Austin, TX)
5. Michelle Garel 2:26:31 (Austin, TX)

1. Jamie Cleveland 1:54:21 (Sunset Valley, TX)
2. Adrian Cameron 1:58:24 (Austin, TX)
3. Brian Wade 1:59:25 (Cedar Park, TX)
4. Nathanial Friedman 2:01:30 (Austin, TX)
5. Pablo Gomez 2:01:36 (Austin, TX)

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