The World Champs are coming to Austin. Well sort of.

Austin will host the 2014 Flo Beer Mile World Championships this fall at a site that is yet to be determined. This will be the first Beer Mile World Champs, and the event has already drawn interest from top American middle distance runner Nick Symmonds who says he’s running.

The event is the brainchild of Mark Floreani, the co-founder (with his brother) of the Austin-based Flocasts. Floreani told Runner’s World, “Sometimes this sport is a little too insider and not really open to new fans. This race will be fun, intriguing and competitive. We want to connect the non-running public to an event where we have elite track athletes, show them something amazing and have a good time doing it.”

In order to complete a beer mile, a runner must drink a 12-ounce beer before each of the four laps of a 400-meter track. And there’s one caveat: You can not throw up or you will face immediate DQ.

The world record is—believe it or not—4:57.1, which was set on April 27th by James Nielsen. The women’s world record is 6:42.

The Flo Beer Mile World Champs will have a $5000 first prize for the victory—and a world record.

Said Floreani, a former runner at UT, “When James’s video went viral, we said, ‘Hey, we have to put the work in and make this happen.”

Symmonds, who held the old world mark of 5:19 (set in 2012) has already committed to the race. He told Flotrack in a press release, “By the fall, I’ll be in both peak running and drinking condition. I’ll look to cash in my fitness for not just the grand prize, but the world record.”

The field (or date) hasn’t been set yet, but Floreani intends to have the 12 best beer milers in the world run the race.
Stay tuned.