If, after 31 years this was the final Chuy’s Hot to Trot 5-K (and in all probability it was), this iconic race went out with a whimper, rather than the big bang it so richly deserved.

On a perfect morning for racing in South Austin, maybe the best racing conditions in the past 10 years for Chuy’s, the results were so discombobulated that nobody knew who actually won, placed or even won an age group, leaving the 500 or so runners confused and ticked off. In the wake of the confusion, the awards ceremony was scratched and the highly coveted flying fish awards were never doled out.

A crying shame that this race would come down to that.

Despite what the results spitted out, the only certainty was that Bryan Morton was an easy winner. Although Morton wore a number and was an official registrant, his name never showed up on the results that were so screwy that Alex Moore of Leander was atop the standings. But Moore, who ran 16:38, was by his own admission fourth.

Morton, a graduate of Indiana University and running in only the second 5-K of his life, led practically every step of the way and, results be damned, won in about 15:20.

“I had cotton mouth”, said Morton who moved here 3.5 years ago to work for Facebook, “so I took it out slowly. Once I got to that little hill {on Convict Hill}, I felt better and pushed it.”

Morton’s first mile split of 5:05 easily separated him from the field and subsequent miles of 4:55 and 5:10 clinched the final Chuy’s for him. Phil Sneller was second in 16:17 (although the results don’t show him) and Marc Bergman, fresh off a victory last weekend in the Sunshine Run 5-K and the Boston Marathon two weeks ago, was third in 16:30. Moore was fourth in 16:38.

Remarkably, Bryan Morton only started running about four years ago. He had been a competitive cyclist, but after graduation moved to Chicago and discovered running was a lot more convenient. He ran Chicago several time, his best is 2:33– but never really got serious about running until he moved to Austin and hooked up with Rogue coach Steve Sisson who firmly believes Morton can qualify for the Olympic Trials in the 5000 meters in 2016.

“Steve has more confidence in me than I do,” said Morton who paced a friend to a 2:50 in Boston two weeks ago. “This summer I’m going to get very serious and focus on doing a lot of short, fast stuff. I’m going to be running faster, but even so Steve wants me to up my mileage to 100 a week. But he doesn’t me to run a marathon in the fall.”

Instead of Chicago, Morton will focus on Boston and maybe run the Houston Half a bit faster than the 1:10 he ran in January. “I’m excited about getting faster,” said Morton. “Since I haven’t run for that long, I feel I have a lot of room to progress.”

The top woman of the morning, results be damned, was not Chris Kimbrough. For Kimbrough, Chuy’s was a home game (she lives nearby and often runs the Arbor Trails that surround the South Austin shopping complex). Her parents came out to cheer, but Kimbrough, the mother of six, finished in 17:02, a few seconds off from her winning time of two years ago, to finish second.

“I don’t know who the woman was out there,” said Kimbrough who has uncharacteristically raced five straight weekends with victories at the Capitol 10,000, Brenham, Cedar Park and Lockhart 5-Ks. “But whoever it was, ran really well.”

Yes, who was that? Nobody seemed to know her name, and the results don’t list her, but the first woman was fifth overall in 16:55.

The first masters were Kimbrough (natch) and Kevin Irwin of Cedar Park, who was sixth overall in 17:00. Jennifer Fisher was the second masters to Kimbrough in 19:12.

But most of the age-group results were incomplete, leaving a table full of unclaimed flying fish awards.