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May 9, 2017 at 12:15 pm

The 4th Annual Sunshine Run Race Report

This Sunday, May 7th 2017, was the 4th annual Sunshine Run sponsored by Silicon Labs. If you were not there, you need to make sure that you are next year! They have a 5k, 10k, Kids k, and you can even bring your furry kids along where they will have a chance to be named the fastest dog in Austin. The Sunshine Run raises money for the Austin Sunshine Camps who inspire underprivileged youth to dream BIG. You can read more about them here: http://www.sunshinecamps.org/

This was my first year doing the Sunshine Run and since I have never done a 10k, I decided that this race would be the perfect opportunity to mark it off of my “things I want to accomplish” list. The packet pick-up locations were both at Academy Sports & Outdoors; one was in North Austin on Friday and the other in the South Austin on Saturday. I had been driving in from Houston on Saturday so I picked up my packet on the way home since I was passing through South Austin anyway. Packet pick-up was super easy and I don’t even think I was there for five minutes. I received my race bib and my race shirt and even got a Kind Bar.

On race day morning, I was so pumped up! I got ready, grabbed my stuff, looked for some headphones for ten minutes until my husband told me he accidentally took them,  told my dogs that I love them (they never say it back), and was out the door at 6:40 am. It only took me about twenty minutes to get down there and I was able to park for free, with a short walk. When I got there, I started flooding my own brain with thoughts like “Oh crap, I am about to run 6 miles without any music, am I really ready for this?”, “I really hope these stupid legging capris don’t keep falling”, “Okay Dana, remember to use your glutes not your hamstrings”. Finally, they called all of the runners to work their way to the starting line. We all lined up, 5k runners and 10k runners alike, and Camp Gladiator took us through a pre-race warm up for.  Shortly after, the race started.

It was a really good run! There was a band playing close to the beginning of the course, I saw some familiar faces from Team Tri Doc on the way down the course, and we passed by Austin Pets Alive where I imagined that the animals were all cheering us on. There was one man who was not a part of the race, but made direct eye contact with me and told me to keep going. Sir, whoever you are, thank you because I needed to hear that.  As my calves were hurting, I tried my best to keep myself pumped up.  I just kept replaying a scene in my head from the movie ‘Liar, Liar’ where Jim Carey beats himself up in the bathroom and someone walks in and asks “what the hell are you doing?!?” to which he replies “I’M KICKING MY @$$, DO YA MIND?” , I was trying to fight myself from going too slow for my liking.

I finished in an hour and twelve minutes and I was pleased with my time. Honestly, I may have let one tear roll down my face because I was so proud of myself, but it was only one tear because I try not to let others know that I am a punk. The energy on the course was amazing, I love the community of Austin runners, and they are so encouraging to new runners like me. Thank you to the Sunshine Run and all the sponsors for putting on such a great race. As soon as registration opens for next year, I am going to sign up. Make sure you do the same so we can both kick our own butts while doing it for a great cause!

Dana is a personal trainer at The Tri Doc in Cedar Park. She helps athletes daily by helping them rehab injuries. She has recently started running and has been loving every minute of it.


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