3M Half Marathon always has slightly different weather, but for 2017 is was slightly crazy. The weather was lower 50’s with winds in the 20 mph range with heavy gusts. The only blessing that came from nature was the absence of rain. The large number of runners were eager to run in this 13.1 mile trek from Stonelake Blvd. to downtown Austin.


This is the 23rd running of the 3M Half Marathon. This year over 6200 racers lines up to experience one of the fastest half marathon course in the country.


2017 Results


The top 3 male finishers were:


  • Mark Pinales 1:06:52
  • Adam Waldum 1:08:50
  • Daniel Glaz 1:09:04


The top 3 female finishers were:


  • Lauren Smith Stroud 1:17:08
  • Nora Colligan 1:17:40
  • Brooke Slayman 1:18:04