/Big Bend Trail Running Expedition

Big Bend Trail Running Expedition

12:00 AM
Big Bend National Park,
Big Bend National Park

Follow in the footsteps of those ranging from Anglo ranchers to nomadic bands of Chisos Indians to sixteenth-century Spanish explorers to the Comanche and even Clovis-era tribes dating back to over 10,000 years ago. Locked in time, the towering Chisos Mountains, weather beaten Chihuanhuan Desert, and majestic Mariscal Canyon are among some of the least visited areas in the entire United States. Be one of the few to ever traverse in one adventure through these varied ecosystems that are so uniquely different that you have to see them to believe it. Explore canyons like a Spanish explorer, traverse deserts like a Anglo cowboy, and climb through mountain peaks like a Comanche Indian, all while sleeping under one of the most star lit skies in the entire United States.

Build camaraderie with your teammates as you explore trails on washed out backcountry jeep roads and rocky single-track, but don’t be intimidated. This is a trip designed for enjoyment, as much as adventure. We will not be in a hurry when out on runs. Much of this running will be slow and leisurely along mountains and desert with built-in breaks for pictures and time to explore. The primary focus of this expedition is to explore the freedom and adventure that running brings. You also may pick up tips on new skill sets such as fast packing, wilderness camping, back country travel, paddling, etc. as a bonus.

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