/Austin 10K’r presents Capitol Warmup Run

Austin 10K’r presents Capitol Warmup Run

Austin 10K'r presents Capitol Warmup Run
8:00 AM
Austin American-Statesman,

Austin 10K’r invites you to join us for a unique variety of fun running routes that will compliment your Cap10K training. The Capitol Warmup Run includes an easy jog on the first mile of the Statesman Cap10K race course with a bonus loop around the Capitol Building thrown in just for fun! Add an extra mile or two and the route will take you right through the UT campus and past UT tower. There’s a lot to see on this out and back route through the heart of Austin. Join us for a special athlete welcome before we head out on our last training run. Former race champions and members of the women’s and men’s Cap10K elite field will in attendance for this final warm up before the big race.

Meeting Date: Saturday, March 31, 2018
Meeting Place: Austin American-Statesman

Activity: Run, Walk, Skip or Stroll
Participation: Free
Parking: Free
Meeting Time: 8:00 a.m.
Running Time: 8:05 a.m. (Leave by)
Sunrise: 7:21 a.m.

Event Page: http://bit.ly/CapitolWarmUpRun

For more details at Austin 10K’r social runs follow link to: http://bit.ly/Austin10Kr

Event Description 
The Austin 10K’r social training routes are Cap10K staff organized runs or walks which are variable in distance, free, open to the public and begin and end at Austin American-Statesman’s West parking lot. Social run route distances vary between 3-6 miles and will be scheduled regularly throughout the year. Each meeting will incorporate a creative theme that highlights the culture of Austin and the Cap10K. Maps, bottled water, nutritional bars, high fives and selfies will be shared at each meeting. Baby Joggers and leashed pets always welcome. Join us on Saturday and bring a friend.

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