Prime Minister backs Mo Farah for knighthood

Farah made British history after he became the first Briton to win both the Olympic and world double long-distance titles.

The athlete won the 5,000m at the world championships in Moscow on Friday and the 10,000m earlier in the week, a year after clinching first place in the same events at London 2012.

Mixed fortunes for newly-crowned world champions at Stockholm Diamond League

Meets that so closely follow a major championship are always bound to throw up a few surprises and Thursday’s Diamond League in Stockholm was no different.

It was a night of mixed fortunes for the newly-crowned world champions as some managed to capitalise on their global titles while others seemed to be suffering something of a world champs hangover.

Tips To Combat Post-Marathon Depression

Marathoners undergo an incredible amount of physical and mental stress during the race and once the runner’s high has dissipated, many find themselves depressed. Martina Young, a marathoner and coach knows these blues all too well.

“I felt the blues after two races,” she says. “You’re going along, so into what just happened, and then all of a sudden, there it is. It can be so unexpected.”

Custom Ironman helmets provide path to prosperity for Louisville artist

Artistry and athleticism collide this weekend when top contenders and amateurs in the Ford Ironman Louisville triathlon will sport custom headgear designed by Louisville artisan Kevin Brooks.When four-time Ironman winner Chris “Big Sexy” McDonald tackles the 112-mile bike course, he will be wearing an aerodynamic helmet airbrushed by Brooks. The Pleasure Ridge Park native is cashing in on triatheletes who want to customize their appearance.

Boston Marathon hopefuls get one final race before deadline

David Grayson has not run a marathon in 12 years.

The first one Grayson picked to do in more than a decade is just north of Wilmington on Saturday night. It starts in the evening, the course is a five-mile loop, and the event comes with all the fun and humidity that could be expected from a mid-August run in North Carolina.

That’s how much qualifying for the Boston Marathon means to him.


Marine Corps Marathon changes to flatter course

When runners embark on the 2013 Marine Corps Marathon in late October, they will have a flatter course to traverse than they did the past six years.

On Tuesday, race organizers released the map for the 38th running of the marathon, which, most notably, does not include the 150-foot grade that challenged runners as they made their way around the Georgetown Reservoir. It’s a change veterans of the marathon like Fort Washington’s George Banker welcome.