Ready to Run Store Austin, TexasRecord Field Expected for Run for the Water 10-Miler, 5K & Kids K on Sunday

This Sunday will mark the seventh running of the Run for the Water 10-Miler–one of the crown jewels of the Austin Fit Magazine Distance Challenge. A record field of 4500 is expected for this year’s race (evenly divided between the 10-miler and accompanying 5-K) which promises to be the most prestigious and competitive in the race’s history.

The second race in the 2013-14 Distance Challenge series, the Run for the Water has one of the best, most scenic courses in Austin.


Speedy 6-year-old Among Youngest to Ever Run Half Marathon

Some 6-year-olds spend their Saturday mornings watching cartoons, while others might play in a soccer match or two. Keelan Glass of Abilene, Tex., likes to go for 9-mile runs. “This girl comes home, and when she’s finished with homework, she’s outside doing her practice triathlons,” her mom, Tracy, told “This is just what she likes to do.”


Cyclist Input Needed for City of Austin Bike Plan

Want a say in Austin’s bicycling landscape? The City of Austin wants to know about your biking habits, and what kind of paths and routes you’d like to see developed in the future. To take the survey, go to It took me less than 5 minutes.


David Beckham Latest Celebrity to Take on Triathlon

David Beckham will compete in the world’s toughest triathlon with his friend Gordon Ramsay. The pair have been training so hard for the grueling Ironman event that pals have nicknamed them ‘Rocky’ and ‘Apollo’ from the iconic 1976 boxing flick ‘Rocky’, starring Sylvester Stallone.

The retired soccer superstar gave Gordon fitness tips when the 46-year-old TV chef was preparing earlier this month for the triathlon in Kona, Hawaii. And now he’s recruited him as a sidekick for next year’s event.


82-Year-Old Runs 3:41 Marathon In Toronto

At Sunday’s Toronto Waterfront Marathon, Ed Whitlock did what he usually does–astound the running world by setting another age-group world record, and feel afterward that he could have run faster.

Whitlock broke the age-82 world marathon best by running 3:41:58 at Toronto. The old age-82 record was 3:48:35, set by Ed Benham in 1989.


Fit at 40: Ethiopian running legend Haile Gebrselaise shares his secrets

For anyone looking for the secret to staying fit into middle age, who better to ask than Haile Gebrselassie — the Ethiopian running legend who’s still giving much younger men a run for their money.

Aged 40 but barely slowing down, Gebrselassie says his enduring presence in international athletics has nothing to do with fancy foods or the latest gizmos. The key ingredient, he said, is in the mind.


Best In Class – High School Cross Country Top 100 Seniors

The top 100 high school cross country seniors across the state of Texas.