///Your Weekly Texas Running Post Roundup (Dec. 8-14, 2013)

Your Weekly Texas Running Post Roundup (Dec. 8-14, 2013)

Ready to Run Store Austin, TexasWhy Running is the Most Democratic Sport

t is not necessarily easy to become a lifelong runner, but it can be simple. No other sport has lower entry barriers for the average person. That is not to ignore that many people find it difficult to stick with a running programme, or that from the outside, the sport’s most visible gatherings, road races, can look intimidating. But in most places around the world, being able to call yourself a runner is more a matter of motivation than economics, opportunities, or infrastructure.


Older Runners Alert: How To Guard Against Injuries

Many folks never even begin running until they are well into their 40s and, in some cases, their 50s. Heck, Vance Taylor of the Austin Runners Club, didn’t start running until he was nearly 60 and now wins his age group. Good for him. It’s never too late to start a running program.

Typically, older beginning runners find that running is a fountain of youth and quickly become extremely passionate about it.


Marathon Man: The real co$t of running races

It was around Mile 25 of the Brooklyn Marathon that it hit me. I’m not talking about The Wall — although that definitely hit me, too, during the cold and drizzly morning of Nov. 17.

By that point of the 26.2-mile race around Brooklyn’s Prospect Park, my body felt like it was disintegrating and that I was running on some kind of comical wooden stilts. Meanwhile, my mind had gone to a very dark place, praying to every deity and ancestor I could think of.


London Designer Working On Shoes That “Would Be 3D-Printed From Synthetic Biological Material And Could Repair Themselves Overnight”

Shamees Aden’s Protocells trainer would be 3D-printed to the exact size of the user’s foot from a material that would fit like a second skin. It would react to pressure and movement created when running, puffing up to provide extra cushioning where required.

Aden developed the project in collaboration with Dr Martin Hanczyc, a professor at the University of Southern Denmark who specialises in protocell technology. Protocells are very basic molecules that are not themselves alive, but can be combined to create living organisms.


Jennifer Harney, Erik Stanley Brave the Cold To Win Decker Challenge

The most dire Arctic forecasts along with the ice fog, never quite materialized. Instead, the 35th running of the Decker Half Marathon Challenge in East Austin was just plain, old fashioned, bone-chilling cold. At 31 degrees it was damn cold to be sure, but miracle of miracles there was almost no punishing north wind. And despite the predictions, the roads were dry and free of slippery spots.

Still, it was perfect Decker weather which is supposed to be…challenging. Most of the 1000 runners assembled at the Travis Country Expo Center for Decker were up to the challenge as the outfit of the day was tights, hats and gloves.


Dallas Marathon Expo Vendors May Get Refunds

Due to the horrendous weather conditions in Dallas last weekend, officials were forced to cancel the Dallas Marathon. For runners, this was especially bad news in that they won’t receive a refund. However, vendors who sold merchandise at the race’s expo may get something back.

Greg Miller, a spokesman for the race, said that a vendor refund is being considered but is not for certain. Approximately 100 vendors signed up for Friday and Saturday’s expo.


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