///Your Weekly Texas Running Post Roundup: August 25-31

Your Weekly Texas Running Post Roundup: August 25-31

Austin Running Website Launches (Leblanc/Austin360)

screen_shot_trpLooking for the latest Austin running news? Check out www.TexasRunningPost.com .

Three Austin runners – Michael Madison, Bob Wischnia and Ashish Patel – created the new site to fill the void created by the demise of the once popular www.runtex.com site, which hasn’t been updated since June.

BAA Confirms Expanded Field for 2014 Boston Marathon

BostonMarathonThe Boston Athletic Association announced Thursday that the field size for the 2014 Boston Marathon will increase to 36,000 runners and registration for the race will open on Monday, Sept. 9 at 10 a.m. The new field size marks an increase of 9,000 runners from 2013, but it will not surpass the record of 38,708 entrants set at the 100th Boston Marathon in 1996.

The additional spots will give qualifiers slightly more opportunity to secure a coveted 2014 race number and will present logistical challenges for race organizers amid dramatically increased security measures in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombings.

Tri Officials Plan to Clear Town Lake For Monday’s TriRock (LeBlanc/Austin360)

TownLakeHave you seen Lady Bird Lake lately? It needs a good tidying up. Our beautiful downtown lake is littered with plastic bottles, cans and wrappers, caught up in mat of aquatic plants.

I see it every day when I pedal over the First Street Bridge on my bike. Kayakers, rowers and stand up paddlers slog through it all the time. And what about the fish and birds who live there?

Five Things to Know About Your First Triathlon (CNN.com)

Beginner-Triathlon(CNN) — The only thing crazier than doing a triathlon — an ocean swim, a cycle ride along coastal mountains and a long-distance run — is doing it twice.

I participated in my first triathlon last year with the Time Warner Fit Nation team, and I offer these tips as I prepare for my second in early September. To all those considering doing the same, here are five things worth knowing…

Veteran Sportswriter Says That For U.S. Sports Fans, Track Barely Registers Anymore

What we call track and field is referred to as “athletics” in the Olympics and other international competitions. The governing body is the International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF), with headquarters since 1993 in the scenic tax haven of Monaco.

The IAAF officially started to hold the World Championships for track and field in 1983. It was a quadrennial event through 1991, and then became a biennial event in 1993.

Running Could Protect Against Arthritic Knees

While out on a run recently, I passed a hiker on the trail. “My knees hurt just watching you,” he told me, shaking his head. It was a variation on a comment I hear over and over: Keep running like that, and you’ll give yourself arthritic knees.

The notion that running causes wear and tear on the joints that could spur arthritis makes some intuitive sense. But is it true?

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