///Your Weekly Texas Running Post Round Up (Jan. 12-18, 2014)

Your Weekly Texas Running Post Round Up (Jan. 12-18, 2014)

Ready to Run Store Austin, TexasRunning: The Top Five Reasons To Keep Going

If, like many others, you began your running career in a mire of hungover resolution on New Year’s Day, then that resolution may be beginning to fade. Research shows that as many as 50% of newcomers to running will give up in their first couple of months. But while everyone already knows that running is “good for you”, there are more benefits to come if new-starters can keep going and make it a regular habit. So, for those whose shins may be aching, knees complaining, and the sofa beckoning, here are the top five reasons you have probably never heard of to keep going.


What Ultra-Marathons Do To Our Bodies

Ultra-runners are different from you and me. They run more. But a new study of these racers, who compete in events longer than marathons, joins other recent science in finding that they also tend to be older and have some different health concerns than most of us might expect, suggesting that some beliefs about how much activity the human body can manage, especially in middle age, may be too narrow.

In recent years, the health effects of increasing inactivity have received plenty of scientific and media scrutiny.


Lance’s life: Travel, kids, golf handicap ‘down to a 9’

Lance Armstrong is barred from participating in sanctioned sporting events, including bike races and triathlons. But he has not been banned from golf courses. So he continues to chip away out there, his world still a work in progress one year after his televised confession to Oprah Winfrey in January 2013.

“I’ve been staying fit and even have my handicap down to a 9,” Armstrong told USA TODAY Sports in an exclusive interview. “Been wanting to break 80 and could never manage to do it. Then out of the blue one day I shoot 74. Since then I can’t break an egg. Frustrating game. “


Race calendar changes: Bun Run moving to fall, new Sunshine Run debuts in April

Runners, look for a couple of big changes on the 2014 race calendar.

The Schlotzsky’s Bun Run, long a harbinger of springtime in Austin, won’t take place this April. Organizers say they plan to reschedule the race in the fall, although a location and date have not yet been confirmed. The race has a new beneficiary, too – the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.


Recovery Corner: Finding The Right Massage Therapist

Training and racing offer a fantastic way to challenge the body and mind, but what happens when things start to break down from fatigue and wear?

For a lot of us, this problem requires us to find someone to help alleviate the aches and pains we all experience when pushing our bodies.  Finding the right massage therapist can make all the difference in enhancing your ability to absorb the heavy training load. A proper massage routine can balance the workload with proper recovery.


Chicago Marathon Announces 2014 Registration Changes

Responding the registration disaster of 2013, the Chicago Marathon has announced a new entry system. The date for the 2014 race is October 12th. There are five ways to gain a race bib



Olympian Steeplechase Runner Offers Tattoo on Ankle for $10,000

In a quest to compete at her second Olympics Beijing Olympian Victorian Mitchell is offering sponsors a permanent tattoo of their choice on her ankle. Mitchell, 31, is asking for $30,000 through sports crowdfunding site StarStadium in a bid to fund her campaign for Rio.

Mitchell has so far raised $875 of the $10,000 per annum she has targeted. Smaller scale sponsors are offered opportunities such as what the colour the flamboyant runner’s hair will be when she competes in major competitions.


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