///Your Weekly Texas Running Post Roundup (Oct. 13-19)

Your Weekly Texas Running Post Roundup (Oct. 13-19)

Ready to RunTexas Marathon Season Gets Underway Saturday, Many More Next Weekend

There’s a nasty rumor going around that summer is finally over and done with. Thank goodness. Marathon season has started all over the country.

Central Texans have been racing all over the country at major marathons in Minneapolis, Portland, St. George and last Sunday in Chicago, Baltimore, Hartford and Scranton. Coming up, are marathons in Kansas City, Marine Corps, New York City, San Antonio, Philadelphia, Sacramento and plenty of other great fall 26-milers.


Study Finds You Can Talk Yourself Out of Exhaustion

You know the moment. The one when fatigue threatens to slow you, when that little voice says maybe you should back off just a little, that you can’t keep working this hard. To push through it, all you may need to do is tell yourself to hold on.

Such is the takeaway from a novel study in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise that examines the effect of self-talk on perceived exertion and performance.


Marine Corps Marathon Breathes Sigh of Relief

Did you hear a pop? That may have been Marine Corps Marathon race director Rick Nealis opening a bottle of champagne, something he said he’d be tempted to do if the government reopened in time to avoid canceling the October 27 race.

With Congress reaching a deal to end the partial federal government shutdown that started October 1, the threat of cancelation announced Tuesday has been removed, and the marathon staff—and no doubt the 30,000 registered runners—are breathing a sigh of relief.


Running Doc’s Advice on Tackling a Marathon With a Stress Fracture

I have seen this many, many times at the NYC Marathon and at marathons all over the world. It always happens to runners that ignore shin pain or ignore their doctor’s advice about that shin pain. This is not what we all want. All is not lost, however: a good plan will give you a chance to run, but you do need to follow it.

First up, you do need to stop running (and biking) immediately until the race. Stress fractures and fractures are the only thing sports doctors that know anything about running stop runners from doing, including anything that puts a load on that tibia.


Former Ironman Champion Craig Alexander Retires From the Distance

After his second disappointing result in a row at the Hawaiian Ironman triathlon world championships, three-time winner Craig Alexander has confirmed he will not race again over the distance. The 40-year-old will most likely continue to race in half-ironmans and spend more time coaching, but Alexander’s outstanding Hawaiian Ironman career is over.


Please Be Kind to Cyclists Fundraiser on Friday

(Austin) In case you hadn’t noticed, bicyclists and motorists don’t always get along. An Austin non-profit organization wants to change that. Please Be Kind to Cyclists (you’ve probably seen their yellow and black bumper stickers), works to help motorists and bicyclists safely coexist on area roads. It also provides support for cyclists injuried in crashes involving motorists.

The group’s biggest fund-raiser of the year, the 2013 Social Soiree, is set for 7 to 10 p.m. Friday at a private home overlooking downtown Austin.


Ready To Run Opens In Old RunTex Space on Far West Blvd.

The name has changed and the owners are different, but you can still buy running gear in the space once occupied by RunTex in northwest Austin. Ready To Run opened two weeks ago with a wall full of colorful running shoes, racks of shorts and technical shirts, and accessories like fuel belts and water bottles at 3616 Far West Boulevard.

Ryan Hess, who worked at the now-defunct RunTex downtown for seven years, teamed with Lockhart High School cross country and track coach Scott Hippensteel and his wife Karla to open the new shop.

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