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Trail Foundation Asks for Pet Peeves, People Respond

Earlier this week the Trail Foundation – a nonprofit organization responsible for all the beautification you see around Town Lake…err…Lady Bird Lake – asked their Facebook followers to comment with the biggest trail “pet peeves”.

Per usual for those active on social media, the responses did not disappoint.


Just please don’t be the one who tries to “make a point” and scares a woman in to spraying mace in your face.



Too many damn Europeans moving to this city!



This is probably the most underrated comment. You who have bright lights and point them upwards are blinding everyone else. It’s very rude.



That’s just wrong. Probably should cast your line at the owner next time and see where you can set the hook.



Push them off their bike, get on the bike and ride away. Best way to teach someone to not do it again.



50/50 chance they’re also wearing skinny jeans and sipping a latte while judging you for your bright colored running shoes and short shorts.



There always has to be “that person”.



You have a chance to make a change in the upcoming November elections for Austin City Council…



This seems illegal, and probably is. Next time call the cops!



Garnering 10 “likes”, the groups who walk four or more wide are the most despised on the trail. And don’t even get her started on strollers!



Is Elisha your pet peeve?



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