//New Updated Site

New Updated Site

Hey Austin Runner-

This is a long overdue post. We have been revamping the site to make it faster, cleaner and mobile responsive. This was a challenge, but has recently been done. The new site features a more visible calendar and quick links to the most recent articles that should be relevant to you.

As the new manager of the site, I would love your input on how Texas Running Post can give you more information that is relevant and helpful in your running/triathlon needs. We want to let our running and triathlon community dictate the direction of the site.

I have spoken with running stores, athletes and coaches and feel that doing interviews with all of them can help disseminate the information that we are all looking for. Tips, ideas, injury prevention, nutrition and training concepts will all be shared. This is an easy and fun way to share our info with one another.

With that being said, if you have information that you want to share, I will be making time for interviews. I would also love to add more athletes who would like to write content. If you have strong writing skills and some information to share, why not give back? You could write 2-3 times per year or more if you like. If you have interest in either of these, please feel free to reach out to me at thetridoc@yahoo.com.

We also want to update all of our training information. If you have a training group and would like to be listed on our site for free, please reach out to us and give us a summary of who you are. We want to support the Austin scene.

We look forward to the opportunity to continue Michael, Ashish and Wish’s vision of keeping the running community up to date.


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