///How do you display your medals?

How do you display your medals?

One perk of a distance race is the finisher’s medal. In fact, I’ve been known to sign up for a race based solely on its bling. So over the last several years I’ve accumulated a lot of medals!

I started hanging them on a five-hook medal hanger (I Thought They Said Rum, after my blog title), but it didn’t take long before it got crowded and I bought a 13.1 hanger to separate the half-marathon medals.

But I average two half marathons a year, and even shorter races are starting to give out medals as well. At least six are from 10-milers and three are from 10Ks. So it didn’t take long before both hangers got pretty crowded. I wasn’t sure what to do next. Only display the current year’s medals? Buy another hanger? Or just keep stacking them?

I’d gotten both of my hangers from Sport Hooks (based in Waco) and every so often I’d scroll through their selection to see if anything jumped out at me. I mean, if it’s going on my wall, it’s gotta be something meaningful to me, right?

Then last week, I found one: Nevertheless, She Persisted. I love this expression, adopted from political criticism leveled against Elizabeth Warren and turned into a positive mantra. I’d already gotten it on a ring made by an artist friend–both the style and the sentiment match the silver Persevere ring I’ve worn for years. On a medal hanger, it doubled my medal capacity and was just what I needed.

It’s Spring Break, so this morning I busted out the power tools. There wasn’t enough room to simply add a third hanger, especially one twice the size of the others–I had to take the original ones down and re-measure everything.

It turns out, if I lined up the screw holes for all three, the hooks fell at different heights. So I had to line up the hooks, which is a whole lot more complicated. I also had to situate them in such a way that hid the previous holes and didn’t cover up the light switch–difficult on a small wall. But applying tape measure, pencil (and lots of eraser), and drill I eventually got all three equidistant and straight.

Then I had to figure out which medals to hang where. Rather than continuing to cram 13 half-marathon medals onto the five hooks of the 13.1 hanger, I ended up dividing them between the 13.1 and the Rum hangers. Everything else went on the larger one. And finally, I balanced (kind of crookedly) my four finisher coins from the Army Ten-Miler on top of the hooks on the Rum hanger–they blocked visibility of the She Persisted when I tried to place them there.

And there’s space for more! Which is good because I have several medal-earning races on the spring calendar.

How do you display your medals? What about race bibs?

Have you ever run a race that gave out coins or some other alternative to a medal? What do you do with them?