//Lance Armstrong, Austinites Prepping for National Beer Mile Championship

Lance Armstrong, Austinites Prepping for National Beer Mile Championship

The Flo Beer Mile World Championship is three weeks away and Austinites are prepping to defend their home turf against some top competition that includes Olympian Nick Symmonds, former Beer Mile world record holder Corey Gallagher, and many others from across the country.

Last Sunday at a local track, Todd Gerlach, Lon Breintenbach, Lance Parker, Jake Morse, Pat Hitchins and Lance Armstrong tried their luck at the 1600 meter, 48 ounces challenge. We previously brought you coverage of Chris Kimbrough’s record-breaking run of 6 minutes, 28 seconds. She spent roughly 66 seconds taking down four 12 ounce cans of beer and averaged just shy of 80 seconds per lap.


From left to right: Lon Breintenbach, Jake Morse, Pat Hitchins, Lance Armstrong, Lance Parker, Todd Gerlach


“The beer chugging is by far the hardest/worst part.  One thing I learned in my first attempt is the need to purge the massive amount of carbonation that builds up in the gut while you run each lap,” said Jake Morse who finished in 7:45.  “It’s a very fine line though because if you try to push the gas out too hard you run the risk of projectile vomiting. Thankfully I made it all four laps without booting and my dignity fully intact.”

Morse, a former All American runner for the University of Texas, selected Bud Heavy as his choice of beverage. When we asked if he’d be competing in the World Championships, he issued what sounded like a challenge to the former Mr. Yellow Jersey.

“Only if Lance Armstrong wants a rematch.”

Speaking of the one-time holder of seven Tour de France victories, Armstrong dropped out after the first lap. No word on whether he’ll be toeing the line in a couple weeks although according to Patrick Hitchins (finished in 6:08 for the morning), Lance was competing at a handicap.

“He drank Budweiser heavy from a 12oz can, no widemouth, following strict international Beer Mile standards. Perhaps his days with Michelob Ultra Lite put him at a disadvantage. He’s probably on his way to a gas station getting some Budweisers right now and practicing his chugging. He’s a competitor. I hope to see him out there again.”

Top time of the day went to 45-year-old Lon Breitenbach in 6:07, placing him in the Top 100 on the all-time beer mile world record list.

For more details on Flotrack’s Championship, visit www.flotrack.org/beermileworlds.


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