///Joseph Mutinda – 2014 Austin Marathon Winner – Banned For Doping

Joseph Mutinda – 2014 Austin Marathon Winner – Banned For Doping

Yesterday the United States Anti-Doping Agency released a statement that Joseph Mutinda of Kenya has been banned from competition for three years and stripped of all results dating back to December 2013. It was his failed test after winning the 2014 Austin Marathon that did him in, resulting in positives for a variety of performance enhancing drugs including EPO and 19-norandrosterone, a metabolite of an anabolic agent.

Mutinda was just 14 seconds shy of breaking the marathon course record in February 2014 during one of the event’s more competitive races due to the reinstatement of prize money. But instead he joins the list of more than 30 Kenyans banned from distance running in the last two years.

Kipkoech Ruto, who ran 2:14:45 at last year’s Austin, has been declared the winner and will collect $4000, including a $1000 bonus.

TexasRunningPost.com feature columnist Bob Wischnia has more details and quotes from Austin Marathon Race Director John Conley in today’s “Heard Around the Lake“.



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