//Free Lactate Threshold Testing Offered in Austin & San Antonio

Free Lactate Threshold Testing Offered in Austin & San Antonio

Have you ever wanted to measure your current performance level like the pros do? We have a limited time opportunity for you to receive a free lactate threshold test.

Our testing procedure is identical to that of a standard blood lactate test, where as we take you through stages (which usually last 3 minutes) that incrementally get more difficult. At the end of every stage we prick your finger and take a blood sample. We then compare those results to that of our device. After it’s all said and done, our device will make the terrible finger pricking experience a thing of the past.


  • Between the ages of 18-55.
  • Frequent endurance training for the past 12 months.
  • Medically cleared to participate in strenuous exercise.
  • Have not suffered a major lower extremity injury or surgery in the past year.

San Antonio Sign Up
October 15 – 18

Austin Sign Up
Email Austin Teague for openings Austin@bsxathletics.com
October 2 – 5

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