///2014 Season Q&A with Pro Triathlete Kelly Williamson

2014 Season Q&A with Pro Triathlete Kelly Williamson

With the start of the 2014 triathlon season nearing, TexasRunningPost.com is kicking off a series of interviews with central Texas professionals. In the first installment, we sat down with one of the hottest names on the series right now – Kelly Williamson. Hailing from Illinois, she has called Austin her home since 2006 along with husband/coach Derick Williamson training around the trails and roads.

Quite the accomplished athlete, Williamson holds multiple Ironman 70.3 titles to her name, including a 2012 US Pro 70.3 Championship. Her 2014 season kicked off with a victory at the 3M Half Marathon – which marked the first time a female has gone back-to-back-t0-back.

Kelly and Derick at Expo

Q: How was your offseason this year? Any injuries, illness, setbacks

K: This offseason was definitely a true offseason. I had surgery late September, right after 70.3 World Champs, which required me to take about 6 weeks off. I could walk (which I did a lot of) but it was a true chunk of rest that I have not taken in years. That said, the surgery was necessary given the struggles I was having last year and so I think the timing was perfect. Since then starting in early December, I eased back to swim/bike/run and have gradually progressed since then. Though I do dial back over the holidays for about 2 weeks; I say moving but keep structured training (and volume) to a minimum.

Q: Did you focus on any on anything particular – Swim, Bike, Run, Strength?

K: This offseason was focused on truly recovering from surgery. I did some physical therapy in November and December to regain some strength, but really I just tried to stay sane for 6 weeks without real “activity”! Once I was able to get back to training in December, Derick and I realized that the approach had to be conservative and gradual. Intensity was limited especially with the running; swimming seemed to come back pretty quickly though I had lost some core strength; and cycling I just focused on putting the miles in. Any focused intensity on the bike/run did not really come until January.

Q: You made a 3-peat at 3M this year. Were you confident coming back as the returning champion, or where there any nerves from the surgery and training?

Run good strideK: There were definitely nerves. I wanted to do some harder running in late December knowing I may do 3M and Derick was the voice of reason, reminding me that it was not necessary and that 3M was just to go hard and gain fitness. I knew that I shouldn’t expect too much out of myself but of course I knew what I had run the past two years and a part of me wanted to run that fast again! So, all things said, I was pleased with a 1:16 and only about 15 seconds slower than 2013. I had definitely not trained specifically to run 5:50 pace for 13 miles. It was nice to see that my body was able to do that off of very limited ‘speed’ work.

Q: What are some goals for the 2014 season?

K: This year the goals are in September and October, as I would like to qualify for and compete well at Mont Tremblant 70.3 Worlds and Ironman Hawaii. I know that I have my work cut out given that I have to acquire the points, which I missed out on late 2013 and skipping Panama didn’t help. But, I have a plan in place and I’ll implement to the best of my ability. I’ll race Memorial Hermann Ironman Texas in May which will be nice as I have good memories from that event in 2011.

Q: What race are you most looking forward to, and why?

K: I look forward to every race in it’s own way, but one I am pretty excited for is Ironman Texas. I enjoyed it the first time around and I still feel like I have untapped potential at this distance. I took 2013 away from Ironman racing and I think it has renewed the excitement. Being so close to Austin, it almost feels like a hometown race for me. It will be fun to see what I can do there compared to a few years back, and the crowd support there is awesome. It’s fun to see a lot of familiar faces at that event.

Q: Any races around Texas on the schedule?

K: As of now just Memorial Hermann Ironman Texas 70.3 (Galveston) in April and the full Ironman in May. I could sneak Buffalo Springs 70.3 into things late June but that has yet to be seen as to how the first few races go.

Q: Will you stay around Austin to train or will you do some traveling?Closer Pic from CWP

K: We usually head to Salida, Colorado for about 4-5 weeks each summer when the heat kicks up. But this year, Derick’s family will spend a week in Montana so we’ll go there (and I’ll take a bike) and we may try to do some training in Kona late summer if indeed I am heading back to Hawaii. So unfortunately we won’t make it back to Salida which is one of our favorite towns, but we’ll have a few short bouts away from Austin to get in some good training.


Kelly Run from SideQ: Anything else you want to add?

K: Not much! Thanks for taking the time with me, and also a huge thank you to my sponsors who make this all possible for me: Zoot, Memorial Hermann, Felt, PowerBar, The Westin Lake Las Vegas, Reynolds, Rudy Project, Road ID, Profile Design, ISM, Recovery Pump, Jack & Adams, Nulo, Durata Training, SRM, Campagnolo, Atomic and Endurance Shield. I feel very fortunate to have such great support system. Best of luck to everyone in their 2014 season!

Thank you, Kelly, for your time, good guck to you on 2014. You can stay up to date with Kelly on Twitter @khwilliamson, or visit her webpage http://www.kellyhwilliamson.com

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