//Heard Around the Lake: News, Notes and Idle Gossip (Dec. 3, 2015)

Heard Around the Lake: News, Notes and Idle Gossip (Dec. 3, 2015)

If now is not the time to pass legislation banning its use, sale and production, when is? The answer is quite simple: Never.

I think a sensible legislation should get passed limiting the use and sale of automatic weaponry and other military-grade munitions. That type of stuff was designed and intended for close-quarter shooting by only the military and police. Instead, we allow virtually anyone to buy these weapons and fire away at will. Hunting Rifles for Sale are common place, and hunters don’t use these weapons for anything other than their intended use. Automatic weapons and munitions tend to be used to aid in crime, and the number of people they can kill before the police arrive can and has amounted to massacres.

Because absolutely nothing has been done to ban military-grade weapons from civilian use, the only surprise is when we’re shocked by mass killing after mass killing. This nation is no longer in shock; it’s become accustomed to this.

This has nothing to do with gun control. This is weaponry that has no practical value, other than for mass murderers. Clearly, the utter lack of legislation is due to inaction by our politicians who are too intimidated by the fire power of the NRA which is funded primarily by gun manufacturers who want to expand their deadly business, rather than have any aspect of it restricted or outright banned as military-grade weaponry should be.

The price of this unrestricted freedom to buy, sell and use automatic weapons and military munitions, has already been paid in the blood and bodies of innocent men, women and children.

Sadly, we can only expect more bloodshed and tragedy.


O Paul Terranova celebrated his 42nd birthday (I think) on Tuesday with the news that he had been selected by USATF as the masters ultra runner of the year. An amazing athlete (and person) with a wide range of success at all distances and disciplines, Terranova is one of the most accomplished runners in town. In 2012, he pulled off an incredible achievement: Terranova finished all four of the Grand Slam 100-mile classics (Western States, Vermont, Leadville and Wasatch) in a single calendar year and then topped it off by competing in the Hawaii Ironman.

O Another amazing runner in our midst is Andrea Duke of San Antonio. The 36-year-old mom of two kids has only been competing for two years and yet will toe the line in the ’16 Olympic Marathon Trials in Los Angeles. There’s a terrific story by John Gorman on this inspirational marathoner on SI.com under “Race Against Time.”

O Quick update on some of our other Olympic Trial qualifiers. Allison Macsas, who will be competing in her second Olympic Marathon Trials, is back in town after months and months on the road all over the planet with Gabe Steger running Rogue Expeditions. Allison didn’t exactly neglect her training while traveling, but she’s going to concentrate on it for the next two months while in one place as she preps for the Trials.

O David Fuentes also has his Olympic Trials qualifier and only has one more tuneup left before the Trials on February 14th. Fuentes is planning to run the Jacksonville (Florida) Bank Half Marathon on January 3rd with several other Trials qualifiers, but only has a training effort. BTW: Fuentes, who won the Thundercloud Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning, has a new job as a tech rep with Implus.

O Rory Tunningley, the former UT star who manages the retail wing of RunLab, has also qualified for the Trials. Although he’s battled injuries for the past year, Tunningley reports he’s healthy and training well with former Longhorn teammate Will Nation who will also be running in the Olympic Trials Marathon in Los Angeles.

O Two other Trials aspirants—Bryan Morton and Jeff Sadler—will give a final shot to get a qualifier at Sunday’s California International Marathon in Sacramento.

O The San Antonio Rock ‘n’ Roll is Sunday and great racing weather is forecast. There isn’t much prize money at stake, but several of America’s best women marathoners will be racing the half marathon as a tune-up for the Olympic Trials which is 10 weeks away. Topping the list is the great Shalane Flanagan, a three-time Olympian and the second fastest American woman marathoner of all time (2:21:14). Flanagan, who won the San Antonio half in 2011, has to be the favorite. She’ll be duking it out with two-time Olympic teammate Kara Goucher, ’12 Olympian Amy Hastings Cragg, Kellyn Taylor, Lindsey Scherf and Renee Baillie. The men’s half field isn’t as glittery as the women’s, but Trials guys Aaron Braun, Tyler McCandless and Jeffrey Eggleston are scheduled to run.

O Not many Texans qualified for the Foot Locker National High School Cross-Country Championship. But, three Texans qualified for San Diego at the Foot Locker Regionals last week in Charlotte. Reed Brown of Grapevine finished fourth in Charlotte in 15:04, but he’s the only guy to make it. Julia Heymach of Houston was fifth in 17:19, just a step ahead of Abby Gray of San Antonio who will be headed to San Diego for the championships.

O Creep alert: On Monday morning, some low-lifer attacked a woman runner on the Butler/Lady Bird Lake trail between Pedernales and Llano streets. The woman fought back and the the creep took off. The assailant is described by APD as a man in his 20s, between 5-8 and 6-0 tall with short brown hair. There’s another creep on the trail who rides a bike and has verbally assaulted some women runners. From his description, it could be the same guy.

O Great job by FloTrack organizing the Beer Mile World Championships at such a convenient downtown location as the American Statesman parking lot, but two things: It was inexcusable (and inexplicable) why there wasn’t a finish line clock. Also, future Beer Mile World Championships need to be held on a track. I get it that it’s impossible to hold a Beer Mile at a high school or college track because of the beer, but surely there must be a 400-meter track somewhere around here with stands that would allow such an event to be held there.

O What I’m listening to this morning: “Live” by Alison Krauss & Union Station. This double album perfectly captured this great group at their height. Just wish they’d tour again.

Have any news for me? If you have something, send it along to wish@texasrunningpost.com.

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