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Dream On: How Running Dreams Can Lead to PRs–Seriously

Contrary to popular belief, we all dream. A lot of people think they don't, but all mammals dream several times during a normal night's sleep. Dreams can be very short or last as long as a half hour. But we all dream even if the person who is dreaming isn't aware that they are dreaming. [...]

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How To Carbo Load for Austin Marathon

If you’re running the Austin Marathon next Sunday (February 16th) , you’ve probably heard of the concept known as “carbohydrate-loading.” If you're new to marathoning and have never heard of this, it's an important concept to understand as you approach your final week. Simply put, carbo-loading is when you switch over from your regular eating [...]

Tapering’s for Suckers: How to Peak for the Austin Marathon

If you’re one of the thousands of Austin runners training for the Austin Marathon or Half marathon on February 16th, congratulations on all the long runs and training efforts you’ve put in the past several months. Most of the really hard training is behind you and marathon day will be here before you know it. [...]

Tri-This “Swimming in Austin”

The saying goes, "You can't win the race in the water, but you can certainly lose it." For many triathletes there are a select few who spent the hours in the pool as a young tadpole or joined the local masters swim program before grabbing a bike and pair of running shoes. For many dry [...]

Use Your Final Pre-Marathon Long Runs To Test Strategy, Equipment and Nutrition

One of the Golden Rules of marathoning is also one of the simplest: Don’t try to do anything on race day which you haven't done in training. The marathon is not the time for experimentation with new shoes, strategy, clothes or nutritional supplements. Doing so, might work out but chances are that experimenting with something [...]

Maintaining Motivation To Run This Winter

OK, we have it pretty good here here in Central Texas. Winter is just something we hear about from other parts of the country. Even so, winter running in Austin does take an adjustment. Obviously, it’s a lot colder and darker than just a few months ago and just going for an easy run can [...]

Moving Up: How To Go From A Half-Marathon To Your First Marathon

Completing a half marathon is a major accomplishment. But after you have done your first half (or have run several) you will undoubtedly at least be thinking about moving up in distance to the full Monty—the 26.2-mile challenge. Now chances are after you have crossed the finish line of a half marathon, you probably felt [...]

What To Wear On Cold Weather Runs

With the first real blast of cold air from the north, what suffices for winter has arrived in Central Texas. In some ways, that’s a good thing for folks who are in the middle of marathon training. It's simply easier to run long and hard in cold, dry weather than in the warm, humid temperatures [...]

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Getting Motivated for the Long Runs

We've had a few questions from beginning runners on some of our long-run articles, but the one that keeps cropping up the most is how do you get motivated to do a long run? It's a good question. We'll delve a little deeper into the long run with a few logistical things we've picked up [...]

How To Downhill Train For Upcoming Distance Challenge Races

If you are running the Austin Fit Magazine Distance Challenge series or any of the races in the series, be advised that that one of the keys to running well in any of the remaining races in the series, including this Sunday's Run for the Water 10-Miler, will be your ability to to get up [...]

Marathon Mileage: Finding the Right Balance

As the weather starts to cool ever so slightly, many Central Texans are either close to putting the finishing touches on training for a fall marathon or are just starting their build up for one of the winter marathons. Regardless of where you are, your weekly mileage is certain to be a key factor in [...]

The Biggest, Baddest Austin Hills To Train On

Our little slice of heaven isn’t called Hill Country on account of all the fire ant hills. Hills are simply a fact of the running life for every Austin-area runner. Pretty much wherever you run around town, you’ll run into some fair-size hills, especially in the northwest part of Austin where most of the best [...]

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How to Stay Motivated This Long, Hot Summer

Let's face it: Running through another hot Texas summer is not easy. But it can be done. Being highly motivated helps. I read an article on motivation and drive at Art and Interior. I thought I would write here what I've learned from that and my past experience. Getting properly motivated to run (or race), [...]