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Pick Up Speed With Strides After Every Workout

Summer’s almost done and the cooler, dryer weather is right around the corner. For many, it's marathon, while for many others, it's time to start cranking up the mileage and long runs for half marathons and marathons later this fall. Or, for the two biggies in the Austin Distance Challenge: The 3M Half (January 24) and/or the Austin Marathon/Half ( February 14).

Yasso 800s Detailed and Explained

First of all, the name: Bart Yasso is the chief running officer at Runner’s World. I have no idea what that entails, but Bart has been running for something like a century and a half and I've known him just about that long. He’s run a zillion marathons and done all sorts of wacky running stunts (such as running across Death Valley to the top of Mount Whitney in July and doing another race nude). If you’ve ever been at one of the major city marathons, you may even have met him at the Runner’s World booth. Chances are he even remembers your name from another race.

Get Fast Faster With Weekly Tempo Runs

The primary reason why most of us train is quite simple: To get better. Although “getting better” means different things to different runners, it is clear that, as runners, we want to enjoy our activity and still advance our fitness goals. If we run races and marathons, we want to run faster and hopefully, set a personal best and/or compete in our age group division.

[Ask the Doctor] How Can I Get Faster?

started running again about 3 years ago and I’ve been mostly injury free as I trained to run a 5k and have since worked myself up to running half marathons. I’ve done three of them and my times are pretty flat at around 2 hours, even though my mileage has gone up. What can I do to get faster beyond increasing my mileage while not putting myself at risk of injury?

Easing Into Speed This Summer

Yeah, I know it's hot and humid (it always is this time of year)but now is a good time to start doing speed training for the upcoming fall season and Austin Distance Challenge Races. Very few runners don’t want to run faster. Regardless of your level of ability and fitness, nearly everyone would like somehow to run faster. The desire to improve is part of human nature.

Training with Mac: How To Improve Your Form for More Efficient Running

As a runner, you have probably had the same experience I have had many times: A non-runner asks you how to run. How do we do it? Or, what is the best way to run? But there is no best way. Running is a natural activity that doesn’t necessarily need to be taught. One of [...]

Use Shorter Races This Fall To Build Marathon Success

Running a marathon isn’t quite as simple as waking up one morning and deciding to jump into the starting corral and cruise through 26.2 miles. If it were that easy, everyone would do it. Nor would it be as rewarding and as great a life-affirming experience as completing a marathon can be. Instead, training properly [...]

How To Practice Negative Split Pacing This Fall

Runners are generally very positive, upbeat, highly motivated people. But, irony of ironies, negative running is a good thing. Particularly for racers. Allow me to explain. A negative-paced race is more properly termed “negative splits” and what it means is running the second half of any race or long run faster than the first half. [...]

Training with Mac: How To Use Austin Hills for Speed and Strength

This is Hill Country and here in Austin we certainly have more than our fair share of great hills for running. We're fortunate to have so many classic climbs as hills and hill repeats are an important component of any solid training program. Running hills properly and with consistency will build strength and mental tenacity. [...]

Training With Mac: Marathon Training Speed Workouts for the Track

As we detailed last week, speed work - especially strength work - doesn't have to be on the track. But after a few weeks of building strength off the track, it's advisable to go to a track and aim for a certain time to run for a specific distance. What I suggest is base everything [...]

Training With Mac: Building Strength Through Speed Work

There's no question that doing regular speed work will build your speed, but speed work can also build strength. For distance runners, this strength running is the most important type of speed work you can do. It is also the type of speed work you should totally focus on during a training season in which [...]

Don’t Have A Lot of Time? Try These 45-Minute Workouts To Hone Your Speed

A reality check: Few of us have adequate time to do everything we need to get done in a given day and still train optimally for the upcoming marathons and half marathons this fall. If we did have all day to train, stretch, lift weights and maybe get a massage, we’d be professional runners (and [...]

Speed Work Specifics For Improving Your Speed

Before beginning just about any run, you should ask yourself the purpose of it. The majority of training runs are easy runs that are designed to build endurance, but on the speed work day it’s a little more complicated. It's important to decide what type of speed you will be working on and why you [...]

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Training With Mac: Intro to Speed – How To Get Faster and Stronger This Year

For a distance runner, the most important element of running faster is endurance. All the miles you log, including the easy miles of the long run, are the endurance base you need. But once that cake is baked, it becomes the time to put the icing on the cake. That entails training for the element [...]

Training With Mac: Finding Your Optimum Long Run Pace And Distance

Building endurance from weekly mileage is the most important part of distance running, but the long run with its endurance boost is the most important part of weekly mileage. Most marathoners are acutely aware of the import of the long run, but either don't know how far or fast it should be. Just like the [...]

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