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How To Maintain and Extend the Life of Your Running Shoes

Let's face it: Running shoes are not cheap. A good, high quality pair of running shoes from a reputable manufacturer will set you back at least $120. Nevertheless, it's a good investment in terms of your health and fitness. But we can make that investment last longer by taking care of your shoes.

Running Shoe Rotation: Do You Need More Than One Pair?

One of the most common pearls of wisdom experienced runners have for newbies is that you absolutely do need to buy at least two or three pair of running shoes to train effectively. Many veteran runners advocate just that and have closets full of shoes as proof, but the question remains: Do you really need more than one pair of good running shoes?

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What You Need To Know Before Considering Racing Flats

If you're a fitness runner who only rarely enters local road races with a goal of just finishing, read no more. This article is not for you. But if you are someone who challenges themselves several times a year in important races and going for age-group honors, you probably have asked yourself more than once: Should I wear racing shoes?

Beginners’ Guide For Running Shoe Shopping: Choosing the Right Shoe For You

There are so many running shoe brands and and such a wide variety of different models that buying the perfect shoe for you and your running needs isn't always easy. Experienced runners have a pretty good idea what their needs are and which type of shoes has worked well in the past, but for a beginner or relatively new runner, the shoe buying process can be an intimidating, confusing experience.

Home Remedies for Treating (and Preventing) Athlete’s Foot

Athlete’s foot doesn’t rank up there with cancer and heart disease for its tragic effects, but it is an ugly, irritating skin infection that bothers countless runners. Once your feet begin to itch between the toes you know something is developing that isn’t good. Next, your feet get very dry and the skin cracks between your toes. Yuck. Welcome to the wonderful world of athlete’s foot.

Saucony In Austin, Seeking Wear Testers

Saucony Running will be at Texas Running Company from February 9-11, looking for runners will to test prototype models and giving feedback on the footwear. Participants will be asked to run three sets of 10 to 15 minutes segments in the footwear, followed with a questionnaire for feedback. Saucony is providing "Saucony Swag" to all [...]

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The Myths About Running Shoes: Separating Fact From Fiction

Buying a new pair of running shoes should be the simplest task in running. But it isn’t. There are so many options and with so much talk these days about gait analysis, minimalism, support and reduced weight, finding the perfect pair of shoes for you can be a bit dicey. Also getting in the way [...]

Shoe Abuse: Common Causes, Cures and How To Extend Shoe Life

Let's face the undeniable fact that running shoes are expensive. Certainly, not as pricey as other fitness gear such as bikes, GPS devices, golf clubs or water skis, but we all want to optimize the miles and use we get out of our running shoes. Unfortunately, many of us don't take very good of them [...]

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Take Proper Care of Your Feet To Prevent Toenail Damage

It’s undeniable: Men really don’t care what their feet look like as long as all the working parts are functioning effectively. But women runners do care. Ugly, black toenails and other common foot afflictions that are so unsightly, bother women much more than guys. Guy or gal, the feet take a beating when you run. [...]

The Care and Feeding of Running Shoes: How To Make Them Last Longer

Let's face it: Running shoes are expensive. Like just about every consumer product, running shoes have become more and more expensive. Running shoes have certainly become a lot better too, but almost all of today's running shoes from reputable manufacturers now cost between $100-160. You can pay less and you can pay more, but the [...]

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How To Shop For Running Shoes, What To Do Once At A Running Store

Buying a good pair of running shoes should be fairly simple, but for a beginner it can be an intimidating, daunting experience. Sorting through all the neat, new shoes models with their high-tech wizardry can be as confusing as a foreign language. Actually, running shoes do have a language all its own. To sort through [...]

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