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Chafing Got You Down On Long Runs? Here’s How To Avoid It

If you are just starting to do longer and longer runs in anticipating of the fall-winter marathon and half-marathon season, chances are good that soon you may become familiar with an irritating condition that troubles many runners: Chafing. On the surface, chafing isn’t a serious running injury. Don't tell though to a runner midway through [...]

Training With Mac: Finding Your Optimum Long Run Pace And Distance

Building endurance from weekly mileage is the most important part of distance running, but the long run with its endurance boost is the most important part of weekly mileage. Most marathoners are acutely aware of the import of the long run, but either don't know how far or fast it should be. Just like the [...]

Training with Mac: Finding the Right Weekly Mileage

If you are just starting a buildup for a late fall marathon, one of the parameters you'll have to figure out is your weekly mileage. That mileage can go up some weeks and down during others, but you need a solid approximation of how many miles—on average—you'll run. As marathoners, we're all ambitious people but [...]

Hard Days Are Supposed to Be Hard; Easy Days Aren’t

I frequently meet runners who, after a few minutes of talking, share with me their impression that running is very difficult, painful and boring. I always smile and say, “It doesn’t have to be.” The usual retort is, “Well that’s easy for you to say…you’ve been running all your life.” They have a point. There [...]

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Going Long This Summer? Here’s How To Make Long Runs Easier

For all the Central Texas runners planning a fall marathon, their weekends will now be dominated by the long run. Heat and humidity be damned, there’s just no way of getting around the fact that the most important element of any marathon training program is the long run. It is absolutely essential that every marathoner [...]

Summer’s Here (Well, Almost): How To Protect Against Heat Exhaustion

Don't know how to break the news to you, but summer's here. Sorry. The calendar might say it's still spring, but whoever believes that lives in Minnesota. For the next three months we will be smack dab in the middle of the worst running weather Central Texans annually face. Our summer dynamic duo of extreme [...]

The Who, What, When, How and Why of High Mileage Training

Greg Strosaker is a Cleveland-area pediatrician, marathoner and coach. This was excerpted from his terrific running blog: The Predawn Runner. The Who, What, When, How and Why of High Mileage Training One of the bigger areas of debate among runners and coaches is the tradeoff between quantity of miles (or kilometers, of course) and quality [...]

Use Your Final Pre-Marathon Long Runs To Test Strategy, Equipment and Nutrition

One of the Golden Rules of marathoning is also one of the simplest: Don’t try to do anything on race day which you haven't done in training. The marathon is not the time for experimentation with new shoes, strategy, clothes or nutritional supplements. Doing so, might work out but chances are that experimenting with something [...]

Long Run 101: Tips for Beginners Tackling Austin Marathon or 3M Half

As a beginning runner, just about the last thing you probably want to even consider is doing an extremely long, grueling run. Just getting through a run completely around Lady Bird Lake is difficult enough, but going twice as far? Impossible, you might say. But if you harbor any hopes of running the Austin Marathon [...]

The Case For Weight Training For The Long Run

One of the enduring questions facing distance runners is whether weight training is actually beneficial or not. Certainly, some types of resistance training—typically using bands, your own body weight or very light weights—can correct muscular imbalances and prevent injuries. So can very specific resistance training which focuses on developing the core muscles. There's no question [...]

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Newbie Alert: Stay Off Concrete Roads and Sidewalks

There's no getting around it: Road running is hard on the body. It just is. Especially since the two predominant surfaces are either concrete or asphalt (macadam). Or a combination of the two. Both are hard, unforgiving surfaces and,  given a choice, many newbies wonder which one is best for running. Perth Artificial Grass is [...]

Are Sports Drinks Worth It This Summer?

Sports drinks are everywhere. They have become so common that you can find a cooler full of sports drinks such as Gatorade, All Sport and Powerade at any gas station, convenience store or grocery store (well, except Whole Foods) across Central Texas. Gatorade - by far the industry leader - has become almost as generic [...]