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Home Remedies for Treating (and Preventing) Athlete’s Foot

Athlete’s foot doesn’t rank up there with cancer and heart disease for its tragic effects, but it is an ugly, irritating skin infection that bothers countless runners. Once your feet begin to itch between the toes you know something is developing that isn’t good. Next, your feet get very dry and the skin cracks between your toes. Yuck. Welcome to the wonderful world of athlete’s foot.

[Ask the Doctor] Can I Run Through Pain?

If you’re anything like most experienced runners, you’ve probably run through your share of pain. Basically, unless an appendage actually falls off of your body during a run, you keep going. You’ve heard it a million times…pain is your body’s way of telling you something is wrong and if you had a pelvic prolapse you [...]

Keep Injuries At Bay With These 10 Tips

Injuries are a fact of the running life. Especially for a newbie. Nearly every runner will get injured at some point, but fortunately most of the common running injuries that plague runners are minor—and avoidable. Obviously, prevention is the best way to go either by eliminating the causes or by listening to the body’s warning signs and taking a break.

How Going Backwards Can Move Your Training Forward

When done on a regular basis, backward running strengthens the legs muscles (hamstrings, calf muscles and soleus) that aren’t used as much as the primary muscles for forward running. The benefits of backward running are better overall muscular balance as well as stretching and lengthening foot and lower leg muscles such as the Achilles and soleus muscles.

Best Recovery From Hard Workouts: Deep Sleep

As runners, we all recognize the importance of recovery from hard workouts and races. Without adequate recovery, our running becomes stagnant and if the training is hard enough and the recovery is inadequate, injury is certain to follow. One of the most important components of recovery is also the simplest: Sleep. Obviously, we all need to sleep but the more we train, the greater its importance. And yet, due to our stressful lives full of responsibilities, adequate, quality sleep is often something which is overlooked.

How To Prevent and Treat Ankle Sprains

There isn't a runner alive who hasn't suffered at one time or another from a simple ankle sprain. It is - by far - the most common injury that puts runners on the injury list. According to the American Orthopedic Foot and Ankle Society, physicians see more than a million patients a year complaining of ankle sprains.

Will Running Ruin Your Joints and Lead to Arthritis?

How many times have you heard this one from some of your non-running friends and family: “If you keep up with all that running, the pounding will catch up with you and ruin your joints sooner or later.” Your well-meaning friends and family are bringing up a logical concern—one that even maybe you have considered. We all love running and it's certainly a great activity/sport, but if I continue with it, will I end up stiff, in pain and more prone to arthritis when I get older?

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How Running Can Stave Off The Aging Process

A familiar refrain from many of our non-running, but well meaning friends is: You aren't getting any younger. Never been exactly sure what that's supposed to mean. Obviously, it's true but not a soul ever gets younger. Anyway, simply because all of us are getting older doesn’t necessarily mean we also have to slow down. Eventually we will slow down, but because you’re about to turn 30, 40 or 50 doesn’t mean that the ravages of time are going to force you to the sidelines.

The Importance of A Postrace or Long Run Cooldown

You see it after nearly every race. The top runners—the fastest folks in the field—finish the race, grab a drink and head off for another few miles, while the rest of us lie down trying to recover. What's up with that? Do the best runners know something we don't?

10-Step Recovery Plan For Austin Half/Marathoners

This isn't exactly a newsflash, but marathons aren't just tough to run. It's tough to recover from one too. A marathon pushes the body to the max and stresses every part of your system and structure. If you finished the Austin Marathon or Half Marathon on Sunday, congratulations.

Here’s How to Warm Up For Distance Challenge Races

Now that we're knee deep into the 2014-15 Austin Fit Distance Challenge series, one of the most ignored aspects of racing should get your attention: Doing a proper pre-race warm up. If you want to run your best in the series, focus on doing a good warmup in the next two races—the Decker Challenge and [...]

Training with Mac: How To Improve Your Form for More Efficient Running

As a runner, you have probably had the same experience I have had many times: A non-runner asks you how to run. How do we do it? Or, what is the best way to run? But there is no best way. Running is a natural activity that doesn’t necessarily need to be taught. One of [...]

Training with Mac: How To Use Austin Hills for Speed and Strength

This is Hill Country and here in Austin we certainly have more than our fair share of great hills for running. We're fortunate to have so many classic climbs as hills and hill repeats are an important component of any solid training program. Running hills properly and with consistency will build strength and mental tenacity. [...]

Chafing Got You Down On Long Runs? Here’s How To Avoid It

If you are just starting to do longer and longer runs in anticipating of the fall-winter marathon and half-marathon season, chances are good that soon you may become familiar with an irritating condition that troubles many runners: Chafing. On the surface, chafing isn’t a serious running injury. Don't tell though to a runner midway through [...]

Hamstring Injuries Got You Down? Here’s 15 Treatment and Preventive Measures

Hamstring injuries can be brutal. The powerful muscles in the back of your legs can become tight and very sore from running. Left untreated, hamstring soreness can worsen to the point where the pain is so severe that even walking or sitting is difficult. Making matters worse, severe hamstring injuries can take forever to heal. [...]