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Running, High Mileage and the Fertility Question

Many running couples who are trying to have children can’t help but wonder whether running can reduce a couple’s ability to conceive. It’s a logical question. After all, running can be quite stressful and stress can impact both the man and woman and reduce the chances of conception. Often, reproductive specialists recommend to infertile couples [...]

The Who, What, When, How and Why of High Mileage Training

Greg Strosaker is a Cleveland-area pediatrician, marathoner and coach. This was excerpted from his terrific running blog: The Predawn Runner. The Who, What, When, How and Why of High Mileage Training One of the bigger areas of debate among runners and coaches is the tradeoff between quantity of miles (or kilometers, of course) and quality [...]

To Keep It Going, Mix It Up

One of my favorite quotes ever about running comes from Robert deCastella, who, back in the day, ran pretty fast: “The only secret is that it is consistent, often monotonous, boring, hard work. And it's tiring." The single thing most likely to help you improve in running is consistency.  It isn’t beet juice.  It isn’t [...]

The Marathon is Your Base Training for 10K (Schrup Think, Feb. 18, 2014)

If you live in Austin or the surrounding areas, you know this weekend was Austin Marathon weekend. It's always exciting and the stories afterward are what makes the marathon so much fun. It's always a great weekend. Well, maybe it was a bit soupier on Sunday than you’d have wished, but it’s really pretty rare [...]

Austin Marathoners: Here’s How To Recover

If you finished the Austin Marathon or Half Marathon on Sunday, congratulations. Clearly, it was a tough race with plenty of challenges. The oppressive humidity made for difficult conditions and the up-and-down course is never easy. But finishing is the entire point of the race. Any way you slice it, 26.2 or 13.1 miles of [...]

How To Carbo Load for Austin Marathon

If you’re running the Austin Marathon next Sunday (February 16th) , you’ve probably heard of the concept known as “carbohydrate-loading.” If you're new to marathoning and have never heard of this, it's an important concept to understand as you approach your final week. Simply put, carbo-loading is when you switch over from your regular eating [...]

Austin Marathon Strategy For First-Timers

If the Austin Marathon on February 16th is your first marathon, you need to formulate a game plan today. You had a training plan to prepare you for the Austin Marathon; now you need a marathon plan. Failure to have a good one is a prescription for failure. Assuming Austin is your first marathon, your [...]

Tapering’s for Suckers: How to Peak for the Austin Marathon

If you’re one of the thousands of Austin runners training for the Austin Marathon or Half marathon on February 16th, congratulations on all the long runs and training efforts you’ve put in the past several months. Most of the really hard training is behind you and marathon day will be here before you know it. [...]

Dealing With Pre-Race Nerves Before 3M and Austin Marathon

For newbies attempting their first 3M Half Marathon on Sunday or the Austin Marathon (February 16), this can be a nervous time. Even more so as the big day draws near. But for veterans and beginners alike, those last few minutes before the half or marathon finally begins can be tremendously agonizing. You will undoubtedly [...]

Pacing Strategies for the Austin Marathon

Now that the Austin Marathon is finally within sight (February 16th ), it’s time to start thinking about what your pace should be for either one of the two races. Other than months and months of solid, injury-free training and showing up on the starting line healthy and fit, the most critical aspect of running [...]

Use Your Final Pre-Marathon Long Runs To Test Strategy, Equipment and Nutrition

One of the Golden Rules of marathoning is also one of the simplest: Don’t try to do anything on race day which you haven't done in training. The marathon is not the time for experimentation with new shoes, strategy, clothes or nutritional supplements. Doing so, might work out but chances are that experimenting with something [...]

Moving Up: How To Go From A Half-Marathon To Your First Marathon

Completing a half marathon is a major accomplishment. But after you have done your first half (or have run several) you will undoubtedly at least be thinking about moving up in distance to the full Monty—the 26.2-mile challenge. Now chances are after you have crossed the finish line of a half marathon, you probably felt [...]

Looking For A Legal Boost in Next Marathon? Caffeine Works

Performance-enhancing drugs have been in the news for the past couple of decades as various athletes—including plenty of world-class runners—have attempted all sorts of means to boost performance. Some have been legal; some are not. (See Barry Bonds, Ben Johnson, Manny Ramirez, Roger Clemens, Jose Canseco, Lance Armstrong, Nellie Cruz, ad nauseum). But the most [...]

Long Run 101: Tips for Beginners Tackling Austin Marathon or 3M Half

As a beginning runner, just about the last thing you probably want to even consider is doing an extremely long, grueling run. Just getting through a run completely around Lady Bird Lake is difficult enough, but going twice as far? Impossible, you might say. But if you harbor any hopes of running the Austin Marathon [...]