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How To Start Running This Summer

You start by keeping it simple. You don’t need fancy equipment or even a watch to get started. You don’t need a training plan or coach. You don’t need a facility, gym or even track. The most important thing you need to get started is motivation. You need motivation to lace up your running shoes [...]

Beginner’s Corner: How To Start Running Right Now

As the summer blast furnace in Central Texas begins to subside, plenty of folks are going to resolve to –finally!—begin a running program. If that sounds like you, congratulations. There’s no better time of year to start running than today. The fall promises cooler temps and there are all sorts of fun, beginner-friendly races if [...]

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FAQs On Hydration Needs This Summer

Water truly is the key to life. Without it, there is no life. Especially a running life here in Central Texas. Being adequately hydrated before, during and after every run, is an absolute must to safe, healthy running during the summer heat. Certainly, adequate hydration is key for any person—runner or not—but a runner’s hydration [...]

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Beginner’s Corner: Goals For Newbies

Have you already started a running or walking program this summer? Or are thinking about getting going? That’s awesome. Running and/or walking is the best, most efficient aerobic exercises you can do. Even in this heat. One of the keys to maintaining your running or walking regimen is compiling a list of achievable goals that [...]

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Beginner Running Mistakes and How to Correct Them

Right now is a great time of year to begin a running or walking program. Sure, it's hot, but by starting now you can be fit and ready when the cooler weather arrives. Fortunatley, we live in the perfect environment for a beginner walker or runner with terrific places to exercise and numerous beginner-friendly events [...]

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Beginner’s FAQ’s: Common Questions Asked and Answered

I am not a runner, but want to start running so I can complete the Austin Marathon or Half Marathon. What do I need to do first?  Make a firm commitment this week to begin a walking and running program. Don’t waffle or put it off. Commit to walking or running several times a week. [...]

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