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Running or Walking Can Put Zing Back Into Your Sex Life

The greatest boost to putting a little pizzazz back into your sex life is to increase your overall circulation. If you can boost the blood flow to your heart and other muscles, you'll also improve the circulation to your sexual glands as well.

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Attention Guys: Running Helps Protect Against Prostate Cancer

Even though American men have been bombarded for the absolute necessity to get regular checkups and blood work to detect prostate cancer in the early stages, way too many men ignore this warning. Awareness of the risks of prostate cancer has certainly increased, but still one in eight American men will die from this deadly disease.

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How Running Can Stave Off The Aging Process

A familiar refrain from many of our non-running, but well meaning friends is: You aren't getting any younger. Never been exactly sure what that's supposed to mean. Obviously, it's true but not a soul ever gets younger. Anyway, simply because all of us are getting older doesn’t necessarily mean we also have to slow down. Eventually we will slow down, but because you’re about to turn 30, 40 or 50 doesn’t mean that the ravages of time are going to force you to the sidelines.

Older Runners Alert: Here’s What You Need To Do To Stay Injury-Free

Many folks never even begin running until they are well into their 40s and, in some cases, their 50s. Austin has plenty of great age-group runners who didn't start running until just a few years ago. Heck, Vance Taylor, a past president of the Austin Runners Club, didn't start running until he was nearly 60 [...]

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Running, High Mileage and the Fertility Question

Many running couples who are trying to have children can’t help but wonder whether running can reduce a couple’s ability to conceive. It’s a logical question. After all, running can be quite stressful and stress can impact both the man and woman and reduce the chances of conception. Often, reproductive specialists recommend to infertile couples [...]

Cramps A Problem In Summer Heat? Here’s Some Help

Has this ever happened to you? You had a great long run or race in the morning and when you go to bed, you quickly drifted off into a deep, deep sleep. You’re right in the middle of some fantastic dream, when all of a sudden, a cramp slams you right in the belly of [...]

The 10 Commandments of Healthy Running

Regardless of your ability, speed or body shape, the greatest challenge almost all runners face—especially beginners—is staying healthy. By the very nature of the aerobic benefits running provides, we are certainly healthier than our sedentary counterparts, but runners tend to pick up all sorts of niggling injuries. Usually our injuries aren’t too serious, but even [...]

Reduce Your Risk of Heart Disease (Hint: Running Isn’t Enough)

Heart disease can generally be traced to a single cause: Narrowing of the coronary arteries. This is a medical condition called “coronary atherosclerosis” which occurs when your arteries become congested and clogged with cholesterol. If this condition becomes severe enough, you will have a heart attack. Fortunately, regular exercise, such as running, greatly reduces the [...]

Is Running Bad For Your Knees?

How many times have you heard this one? “If you keep up with all that running you do, it’s going to ruin your knees.” Typically, such advice is from some well-meaning, non-runner who knows as much about running as one-time vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan does about his marathon PRs. If I had a nickel [...]

A Follow Up To Mizuno’s “What If Everybody Ran?” (SchrupThink)

A few weeks back, one of the major footwear companies introduced a marketing campaign in which they asked people to ask the question, What if Everybody Ran? http://www.mizunousa.com/running/what-if-everybody-ran It’s a clever campaign in that it ultimately goes existential by connecting running to our natural inclination to move—were we born to run? After a solitary, crisp [...]