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Ice, Ice Baby! Freeze Sore or Injured Leg Muscles

Just the other morning, I finished the first of what promises to be plenty of hot, humid long runs with my training group and while we were trying to rehydrate, a relative newbie came by and asked me the best to treat a sore calf muscle. He was diligently stretching the calf after every run, followed later by dipping his legs in a Jacuzzi and then placing a heating pad on the calf for another 10 minutes. The calf hadn't been responding at all to his treatment and he was worried.

Rest for Success: How To Recover For Optimal Results

One of the most difficult training concepts to accept is also the very simplest: Rest. That’s right, total rest. Not active rest or cross-training, but complete rest. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a runner, swimmer, cyclist, weight lifter or bowler (OK, maybe not a bowler), but your most important training day should have a big goose egg next to it. A zero. Zilch. Nyet. Nada. Nothing.

Tips To Recover Quickly From Long Runs

If you’re training for either or both of the big winter races—the 3M Half Marathon (January 24) or the Austin Marathon or Half (February 14)--you should already have several long runs under your legs. Regardless of how many long runs you have completed so far, there’s absolutely no question that long runs are the key to your marathon (or half marathon) training program. Running the right number at the proper pace and distance will go a long way toward making your target race a success.

Stretching: The Key To Injury-Free Running

Most runners hate to stretch. Especially guys. We complain about lack of flexibility, but do nothing about it. Most of us who can do two-hour runs (or longer) never seem to be able to find an extra 10 minutes to stretch. Recently, I had one friend tell me something to the effect that real runners don’t stretch. Of course, when he was telling me this he was hobbling around with a calf injury.

The Importance of A Postrace or Long Run Cooldown

You see it after nearly every race. The top runners—the fastest folks in the field—finish the race, grab a drink and head off for another few miles, while the rest of us lie down trying to recover. What's up with that? Do the best runners know something we don't?

10-Step Recovery Plan For Austin Half/Marathoners

This isn't exactly a newsflash, but marathons aren't just tough to run. It's tough to recover from one too. A marathon pushes the body to the max and stresses every part of your system and structure. If you finished the Austin Marathon or Half Marathon on Sunday, congratulations.

How To Recover Quickly from 3M Half Marathon Soreness

The 3M Half Marathon certainly wasn't easy—especially if it was your first—but after the exhilaration of finishing the race has passed, you might still be sore and tight. And if you're running the Austin Marathon or Half...

Cold Season Is Here; Should You Run Through It?

The common cold. It nails each and everyone of us sooner or later with all the classic symptoms: Raw, raspy throat, stuffy nose and an achy body. Some days it’s just tough to get out of bed. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta estimates that this year there will be more than [...]

Shoe Abuse: Common Causes, Cures and How To Extend Shoe Life

Let's face the undeniable fact that running shoes are expensive. Certainly, not as pricey as other fitness gear such as bikes, GPS devices, golf clubs or water skis, but we all want to optimize the miles and use we get out of our running shoes. Unfortunately, many of us don't take very good of them [...]

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Runner’s Withdrawal Syndrome: Mentally Coping With an Injury

As a committed runner, we all know that the hardest part isn’t the daily training we do. Instead, it’s coping with an injury when you can’t run at all. A non-runner would think downtime is a welcome break from running, but just the opposite is true. An injured runner often becomes cranky and irritable and [...]