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Coach Bill’s Back to Back Marathons

As a coach, I always tell my athletes that when you finish a race, you should take a moment and jot down some things that went right and things that went wrong.  Best to learn from your mistakes, better to learn from others.   I went into my first double marathon weekend back in January, [...]

Boxers, Briefs, or La Sportiva?

  Would you post the following query to Facebook? I am currently in the market for new underpants.  I have always used tighty-whiteys but as I am undertaking new challenges in life, I expect I will be in need of something more so that I may rise to the occasion.  Would you kindly share with [...]

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Planning Checklist For Your Next Race (Maybe Houston Marathon)

To help ensure you have everything you need prior to your race, on race day, and even after, we have provided a check list. All runners, new and experienced, should use this check list to ensure a successful race! Race Week Check List: Start 4 days (local races) to 7 days (destination races) before your [...]

How To Maintain and Extend the Life of Your Running Shoes

Let's face it: Running shoes are not cheap. A good, high quality pair of running shoes from a reputable manufacturer will set you back at least $120. Nevertheless, it's a good investment in terms of your health and fitness. But we can make that investment last longer by taking care of your shoes.

How Many Miles Can You Expect and How To Extend The Life of Your Running Shoes

There's no getting around it: Running shoes are not inexpensive. Fortunately, a good pair of shoes is the only piece of equipment we absolutely need. So we're all concerned with getting the most miles out of our shoes.

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Summer’s Almost Here: Time To Start Acclimating

Welcome to the wonderful world of summer running here in Central Texas. We had a wet, cool winter and spring, but I can guarantee will have another extremely warm summer. Hopefully, not the record-breaking kind we endured a few years ago, but it will be disgustingly hot nonetheless.

What To Look for in Summer Running Shorts

Granted, it's still technically winter but the high in Austin today is 91 and it sure feels a lot like summer. That means a lot of things to different people, but it also means it's high time to get some new running shorts for the spring and summer heat.

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Tips for Running While Traveling This Summer

Do you travel for business or pleasure? Plenty of us do, especially in the summer when so many of us hit the road. Here are some suggestions for squeezing that run in while traveling.

Get Ready for the Polar Vortex: Here’s What to Wear

As we await for the Polar Vortex to blast Central Texas, we can—at least—be thankful we don't live in the frozen north. We're especially fortunate the type of winter weather we get, doesn't slow us down. At least, not much. Still, the windy, cold weather we're expected to get, forces every Texan to pay a [...]

What To Wear On Cold Weather Runs

With the first real blast of cold air from the north, what suffices for winter has arrived in Central Texas. In some ways, that’s a good thing for folks who are in the middle of marathon training. It's simply easier to run long and hard in cold, dry weather than in the warm, humid temperatures [...]

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