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Pacing Strategies for the Austin Marathon

Now that the Austin Marathon is finally within sight (February 16th ), it’s time to start thinking about what your pace should be for either one of the two races. Other than months and months of solid, injury-free training and showing up on the starting line healthy and fit, the most critical aspect of running [...]

Looking For A Legal Boost in Next Marathon? Caffeine Works

Performance-enhancing drugs have been in the news for the past couple of decades as various athletes—including plenty of world-class runners—have attempted all sorts of means to boost performance. Some have been legal; some are not. (See Barry Bonds, Ben Johnson, Manny Ramirez, Roger Clemens, Jose Canseco, Lance Armstrong, Nellie Cruz, ad nauseum). But the most [...]

Getting Motivated for the Long Runs

We've had a few questions from beginning runners on some of our long-run articles, but the one that keeps cropping up the most is how do you get motivated to do a long run? It's a good question. We'll delve a little deeper into the long run with a few logistical things we've picked up [...]

What Do You Think About When You Run? Here Are Some Thoughts

One of the questions runners are invariably asked by non-runners is: “What in the heck do you think about while running? What do you do?” Good questions. Keeping your mind occupied and yet engaged while doing a run—much less a long run--by yourself is not easy. You can’t spend all your time thinking about your [...]

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New York City and Marine Corps Marathons Ban Hydration Packs

If you are planning to run either the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, D.C. on October 27th or the New York City Marathon on November 3rd, don’t bring a CamelBak hydration pack with you to use during the race. Both events have banned the use of CamelBaks or CamelBak-type hydration packs due to heightened security [...]

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The Mental Road to Recovery

I’ve always maintained that the hardest aspect of running isn't the long, hot miles or the hard, tough races. Nope, the toughest part of running...is not running. And yet, one of the cruel realities of running—especially for beginners—is getting injured and losing valuable training time. Unfortunately, nearly every runner, at one time or another, faces [...]

Are Sports Drinks Worth It This Summer?

Sports drinks are everywhere. They have become so common that you can find a cooler full of sports drinks such as Gatorade, All Sport and Powerade at any gas station, convenience store or grocery store (well, except Whole Foods) across Central Texas. Gatorade - by far the industry leader - has become almost as generic [...]

How to Stay Motivated This Long, Hot Summer

Let's face it: Running through another hot Texas summer is not easy. But it can be done. Being highly motivated helps. I read an article on motivation and drive at Art and Interior. I thought I would write here what I've learned from that and my past experience. Getting properly motivated to run (or race), [...]