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Summer’s Here (Well, Almost): How To Protect Against Heat Exhaustion

Don't know how to break the news to you, but summer's here. Sorry. The calendar might say it's still spring, but whoever believes that lives in Minnesota. For the next three months we will be smack dab in the middle of the worst running weather Central Texans annually face. Our summer dynamic duo of extreme [...]

How To Get Motivated and Stay Motivated This Summer

One of the primary needs most often cited by beginners and veteran runners alike is the need to be motivated to continue running. No wonder. Running is not an easy sport, especially during our long, hot summer. Even though, there’s little technique involved in running and just about anyone can do it, training to run [...]

Passing Time on a Long Run

One of the questions runners are invariably asked by non-runners is: "What in the heck do you think about while running? What do you do when you're out there all that time by yourself?" Good questions. Keeping your mind occupied and yet engaged while doing a solo run, much less a long run, is not [...]

The Tricky Relationship Running Has With Beer

As Forrest Gump might well have said, “Running and beer go together like peas and carrots.” Well sort of. The connection between beer and running does go way back to the days when a running club’s group run invariably ended up at the local tavern for a few post-run brews. Today, there is still that [...]

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Changing the Focus (SchrupThink)

The Boston Marathon is around the corner which for many (over 200 runners from Austin, not counting the hundreds others spread across central Texas) is the high point of the year. It is the grandest event of them all, to those who know. We all put in great amounts of time and effort to prepare [...]

Easy Ways Runners Can Drop a Few Pounds This Summer

There is no such thing as the ideal weight for a runner. Sorry, it just doesn’t work that way. Runners are so diverse with so many different body types and builds that even the ideal weight for a certain frame isn't relevant. But there is a very real relationship between a runner’s body weight and [...]

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Reduce Your Risk of Heart Disease (Hint: Running Isn’t Enough)

Heart disease can generally be traced to a single cause: Narrowing of the coronary arteries. This is a medical condition called “coronary atherosclerosis” which occurs when your arteries become congested and clogged with cholesterol. If this condition becomes severe enough, you will have a heart attack, you better schedule your appointment with Functional Medicine Associates doctors [...]

Sampling of Great Running Quotes for Your Frig or Bulletin Board

We can often draw inspiration from other runners who have experienced many of the same highs and lows in training and racing as we have. Regardless of your level of ability or fitness, there’s a commonality among runners who share the pleasures (and pains) of training and racing. Here are some of my favorite running [...]

A Follow Up To Mizuno’s “What If Everybody Ran?” (SchrupThink)

A few weeks back, one of the major footwear companies introduced a marketing campaign in which they asked people to ask the question, What if Everybody Ran? http://www.mizunousa.com/running/what-if-everybody-ran It’s a clever campaign in that it ultimately goes existential by connecting running to our natural inclination to move—were we born to run? After a solitary, crisp [...]

The Mind + Body Connection (SchrupThink, Feb. 25, 2014)

It seems that recently I’ve seen more on the discussion about how combining the training of the mental and physical aspects of running results in greater benefit than when those aspects are trained separately.  We’ve known that all along, you might argue, because anyone who has completed a marathon will tell you that the mental [...]

Dream On: How Running Dreams Can Lead to PRs–Seriously

Contrary to popular belief, we all dream. A lot of people think they don't, but all mammals dream several times during a normal night's sleep. Dreams can be very short or last as long as a half hour. But we all dream even if the person who is dreaming isn't aware that they are dreaming. [...]

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Top Rated Training Ride Cafe Stops

Whether or not you're a serious roadie or triathlete cranking out 6+ hours in the saddle or the daily commuter pedaling across town. Caffeine is a source rocket fuel when the legs are feeling bagged, nothing is more integral in cycling than the essential café stop. A dose of caffeine and maybe even a pastry [...]

How To Carbo Load for Austin Marathon

If you’re running the Austin Marathon next Sunday (February 16th) , you’ve probably heard of the concept known as “carbohydrate-loading.” If you're new to marathoning and have never heard of this, it's an important concept to understand as you approach your final week. Simply put, carbo-loading is when you switch over from your regular eating [...]

Austin Marathon Strategy For First-Timers

If the Austin Marathon on February 16th is your first marathon, you need to formulate a game plan today. You had a training plan to prepare you for the Austin Marathon; now you need a marathon plan. Failure to have a good one is a prescription for failure. Assuming Austin is your first marathon, your [...]

Dealing With Pre-Race Nerves Before 3M and Austin Marathon

For newbies attempting their first 3M Half Marathon on Sunday or the Austin Marathon (February 16), this can be a nervous time. Even more so as the big day draws near. But for veterans and beginners alike, those last few minutes before the half or marathon finally begins can be tremendously agonizing. You will undoubtedly [...]