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Runner’s Trots: How to Avoid It

Without a doubt, the most common gastrointestinal problem which bothers runners, especially during races and long runs, is something commonly called the runner’s trots. It is—ahem—the urge to defecate and/or have mild diarrhea at the most inappropriate time. Having to stop during a race or a long run to defecate is not only embarrassing and costs time, but it can be extremely inconvenient and troubling. This condition is especially prevlalent among morning runners.

Want A Legal Boost Before Next Long Run or Marathon? Try Coffee

Performance-enhancing drugs have been in the news for the past couple of decades as various athletes—including plenty of world-class runners—have attempted all sorts of means to boost performance. Some have been legal; some are not. (See Barry Bonds, Ben Johnson, Manny Ramirez, Alex Rodriguez, Roger Clemens, Jose Canseco, Lance Armstrong, Nellie Cruz, ad nauseum).

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How To Carbohydrate Load This Week For The Austin Marathon

If you’re running the Austin Marathon on Sunday, you might be wondering about the concept known as “carbohydrate-loading.” If you're new to marathoning and confused about this, it's an important concept to understand before this week's final countdown to marathon Sunday. (Carbo-loading isn't advantageous to half marathoners.)

Reach A Mental Peak for 3M and/or Austin Marathon

As two of the most important races on the ATX race calendar approach - 3M Half Marathon (this Sunday, January 25) and the Austin Marathon and Half Marathon (February 15) - many Austin runners will be aiming for a peak performance and/or PR in either one or both of these key races.

Cold Season Is Here; Should You Run Through It?

The common cold. It nails each and everyone of us sooner or later with all the classic symptoms: Raw, raspy throat, stuffy nose and an achy body. Some days it’s just tough to get out of bed. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta estimates that this year there will be more than [...]

How To Carry and Use Energy Gels for Austin Marathon

With the bulk of the racing season just around the corner (the Rogue 30-K is Sunday, 3M Half is January 25th and the Austin Marathon is February 15th), it is high time to begin developing a nutrition game plan for those races. Certainly, carbohydrate-loading should be part of your pre-race plan—especially for the Austin Marathon. [...]

Trouble Falling Asleep Before A Big Race? Here’s Help

There isn’t a runner on the planet who hasn’t had at least occasional trouble falling asleep before an important race. Just when you most need a full night’s rest, you spend the night, tossing and turning. What can you do? And if you don’t sleep well, will it sabotage your big race? Certainly, the quality [...]

How To Be A Running Mentor (Your Non-Running Friends Need Help)

As a parent, you have probably experienced the wonderment of the huge amount of influence (positive or negative) of the first close friends your children have over them. It’s natural. Someone from your peer group is likely to have greater sway with someone than, say, a mom or dad. So, too, in running. As a [...]

10 Tips to Stay Motivated This Winter

OK, you have to admit we have it pretty good here in Central Texas. Winter is just something we hear about from other parts of the country. Even though winter won't technically arrive for another month (December 21st), it's still felt an awfully lot like winter the past couple of weeks. Although it doesn't usually [...]

Great Post Long Run Breakfast Options in Downtown Austin (Or Close by)

At times, I wonder whether doing weekly long runs is just an excuse to eat. Probably not, but inhaling a huge breakfast with my training partners after Saturday morning long runs is just about as important to me as the 20-milers are. In this, I can assure you I am not alone. Massive post long [...]

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How To Mentally Focus During Upcoming Half or Marathon

With three of the biggest, most important races in Austin coming up— the Rogue 30-K (January 11), the 3M Half Marathon on January 25 and the Austin Marathon (and Half) on February 15th—one of the most important factors which will determine how well you run in these great races is your ability to concentrate. Without [...]

The Runner’s High: How To Get A Good Buzz

The runner’s high is getting some good press again as researchers have concluded that it is a very real, tangible by-product of running. Simply said, the runner’s high does exists. It is not an illusion or mythical condition. If you’re a new runner, you’ve probably at least heard something about the runner’s high and wondered [...]