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Coach Bill’s Back to Back Marathons

As a coach, I always tell my athletes that when you finish a race, you should take a moment and jot down some things that went right and things that went wrong.  Best to learn from your mistakes, better to learn from others.   I went into my first double marathon weekend back in January, [...]

Eight Reasons It’s Okay To Bail On Your Run Today

There's absolutely no question that running is a difficult sport. Certainly, it's extremely rewarding, but any long-term training program is a major undertaking requiring a significant commitment. Take a look at what training is. Basically, it's hard, physical work which essentially boils down to adding specific stresses to your mind and body over a certain period of time.

Dinged Up? How To Run Through A Minor Injury

Just about every runner who trains consistently and with some degree of intensity will suffer some type of injury. The stress of training and the repetitive nature of the sport makes it almost inevitable that somewhere along the way you will injure a body part, usually a running muscle.

The Importance of Adequate Rest and Recovery

It used to be that whenever you saw a doctor for a running injury—no matter how minor--the prescription was almost always the same: Stop running! If something is bothering you, then you stop, right?

Austin Marathon Strategies for First Timers

Don't look now, but the Austin Marathon is just over the horizon and it will be here on February 14th before you know it. If Austin is your first marathon, you need to start formulating a game plan today. You had a training plan to prepare you for the Austin Marathon; now you need a marathon plan. Failure to have a good one is a prescription for failure.

The Right Foods and Supplements Can Be The Right Cure For Simple Running Ailments

Food is medicine. Or can be. What you eat (or don't eat) can have a significant affect on your good health - and, of course, your running. Many of the minor health issues runners have are the body's way of sending a signal that you must eat differently. More specifically, you aren't getting enough of [...]

10 Proven Ways To Avoid Injuries

Regardless of your ability, speed or body shape, the greatest challenge almost all runners face is a simple one: Staying healthy. By the very nature of the aerobic benefits of running, we are certainly healthier than our sedentary counterparts, but runners tend to pick up all sorts of niggling injuries. Fortunately, usually it's nothing serious. But little things tend to slow us down, especially as we approach a key marathon or half marathon. But, those troublesome little things that can be avoided if you follow the rules of healthy, injury-free running.

That Side Stitch Can Be A Bitch: Here’s How to Get Rid of It

Just about every runner has had one of these painful little demons that strike in the upper part of the abdomen, smack dab at the base of the ribs. It’s the dreaded side stitch or side sticker. Regardless of what you call it, when one stabs you in the rib cage, it can short circuit your race or run in an instant.

Runner’s Trots: How to Avoid It

Without a doubt, the most common gastrointestinal problem which bothers runners, especially during races and long runs, is something commonly called the runner’s trots. It is—ahem—the urge to defecate and/or have mild diarrhea at the most inappropriate time. Having to stop during a race or a long run to defecate is not only embarrassing and costs time, but it can be extremely inconvenient and troubling. This condition is especially prevlalent among morning runners.

Common 3M and Austin Marathon Race Mistakes–And Cures

With the two biggest races on the Austin racing calendar coming up--the 3M Half Marathon on January 19th and the Austin Marathon February 16th--it is worth discussing some basic race strategy. If there is one constant at every race, it is runners who are in tip-top shape who figure out a way blow their race. [...]

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