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Bob “Wish” Wischnia has more than 30 years of running industry experience across publishing, retail, web, and race organization. An Arizona State University alum, Wischnia has been a runner virtually his entire life, still competing in track and road race competitions. And in the free time he’s not pounding the pavement? He’s swimming, cycling, and catching days on the green.

Heard Around the Lake: News, Notes & Idle Gossip (June 9, 2016)

Summer is just a rumor here. It was so cold on my morning run along a beautiful network of single-track-track trails, I had to wear a long-sleeve shirt. Needless to say, it’s a marked contrast to what has been one of the wettest springs in the memory of the ATX. After splashing our way on run after run this spring, about the last thing on our collective minds right now is summer. But it’ll be here very soon.

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How To Maintain and Extend the Life of Your Running Shoes

Let's face it: Running shoes are not cheap. A good, high quality pair of running shoes from a reputable manufacturer will set you back at least $120. Nevertheless, it's a good investment in terms of your health and fitness. But we can make that investment last longer by taking care of your shoes.

Heard Around the Lake: News, Notes and Idle Gossip (June 2, 2016)

What makes an ordinary, daily run a great one? Certainly, that differs from runner to runner, but even a great run tends to be fleeting, almost ephemeral. A truly great run doesn't happen every day on every run. If it did, there would never be any exceptional, memorable runs—they'd all be the same.

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How Many Miles Can You Expect and How To Extend The Life of Your Running Shoes

There's no getting around it: Running shoes are not inexpensive. Fortunately, a good pair of shoes is the only piece of equipment we absolutely need. So we're all concerned with getting the most miles out of our shoes.

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Heard Around the Lake: News, Notes and Idle Gossip (May 20, 2016)

Although I am a political person, I try not to get too political in my weekly musings and updates on the running community. But the recent threats (and suit against the Federal government) by Texas Governor Greg Abbott and henchman-in-chief Dan Patrick over who is allowed to use public facilities is an affront to the Austin running community. Or, at the very least it should be.

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Summer’s Almost Here: Time To Start Acclimating

Welcome to the wonderful world of summer running here in Central Texas. We had a wet, cool winter and spring, but I can guarantee will have another extremely warm summer. Hopefully, not the record-breaking kind we endured a few years ago, but it will be disgustingly hot nonetheless.

Ice, Ice Baby! Freeze Sore or Injured Leg Muscles

Just the other morning, I finished the first of what promises to be plenty of hot, humid long runs with my training group and while we were trying to rehydrate, a relative newbie came by and asked me the best to treat a sore calf muscle. He was diligently stretching the calf after every run, followed later by dipping his legs in a Jacuzzi and then placing a heating pad on the calf for another 10 minutes. The calf hadn't been responding at all to his treatment and he was worried.

Will Nation Finishes 5th in National Champs 25-K

Will Nation of Austin placed fifth on Saturday in the USATF 25-Kilometer championships. Nation, the former Texas Longhorn, ran 1:16:39 in the Fifth Third River Bank Run in his best race since turning pro last year. The race--and national championship--was won by Christo Landry in 1:15:31.

Are Sports Drinks Worth It This Summer?

Sports drinks are everywhere. They have become so ubiquitous that you can find a cooler full of sports drinks at just about any gas station, convenience store or grocery store (except Whole Foods) in Central Texas.

Heard Around the Lake: News, Notes & Idle Gossip (May 12, 2016)

My educated guess is if we avoided racing and the type of training that prepares us to race well, we might largely avoid injuries. But, racing and training for those races is one of the things that makes running worth doing in the first place.

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Suffering from Common Running Injuries? The Cause Could Be Leg-length Discrepancy

If you suffer from a baffling series of overuse running injuries, there often is a root cause, other than the usual overtraining, bad shoes, too much racing syndrome. One of the most common conditions that plague runners is something called leg-length discrepancies. In short, the lengths of your legs are unequal. One is longer than the other. For most people, this isn’t necessarily a problem. But for a runner it often is because of the repeated stress that is placed on the lower legs. If one leg is shorter (or longer), the stress is not equally distributed and injuries are often the result.

Air Quality, Big Cities and Running

If you were paying more attention during science class than I was, you know the air we breathe contains more than just oxygen. There are all sorts of gases in our air—some necessary for life and others that are deadly in certain doses.

Record Crowd for 2016 Sunshine Run, Controversy Over 10K Finish

It's common these days for races to offer more than one distance option. In that respect, the Silicon Labs Sunshine Run is typical with a 5-K and 10-K on the same course at the same time. Usually, everything works out just fine, but on Sunday morning confusion reigned.

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Heard Around the Lake: News, Notes and Idle Gossip (May 5, 2016)

Do you ever question why you even bother running races? I certainly do. Running is easy; racing is hard and you put yourself at a very real risk of failure. Especially in a marathon. Sometimes it's great; other times, not so much.

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Summer’s Almost Here: Skin Care Tips For Runners

As runners, we tend to pay far more attention to the inner workings of our body than the outside. We run through the Texas summer heat and oppressive sun and assume if our legs and lungs are OK, we must be fine. Maybe, maybe not. Many of us suffer in silence as our skin takes a beating. There is simply no doubt about it, if you are running in the summer, your skin will feel the effects of one or all of the following: sunburn, chafing, wind burn, sweat-induced acne) or just plain, post-run itchiness caused by dry skin.